Why is Mental Health Awareness Important in Schools

Why is Mental Health Awareness Important in Schools?

Everyone has to deal with many problems in their lives. But during this pandemic, COVID 19 situation, students are the ones facing a lot of mental health issues. Not only academic stress but also family stress and other related stress also lead them towards mental stress. That is why today, we’ll talk about why mental health awareness is important in schools. So if you have to make an assignment on the following topic, then you can take help from here.

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In today’s world, when everyone is in isolation due to pandemic coronavirus, we don’t ask, “how are you?” anymore. All we ask from each other, “How are you managing study?”, “What you’ll do in future?” so these questions sometimes put mental stress on students. Moreover, this psychological pressure can disturb their studies. So students should have mental health awareness to analyze themselves and combat such situations.

Some Facts About Mental Health Awareness

Indeed, most of the adults have mental health awareness. But do you know? Children are the ones who have to be aware of mental illness. As when they feel any mental issues, they can talk about them.

The following data is taken from different websites – National Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental health America. Lets” see some facts about mental health awareness.

  • One in five American adults (43.6million Americans approx.) is experiencing mental health disorders.
  • Children between the age of 8 to 15 years, i,e, around 13% experience severe mental disorders at some point in life.
  • 6% of American adults are living with bipolar disorders.
  • Individuals having severe mental issues are prone to chronic medical conditions.
  • Adults who have mental health illnesses die 25 years earlier than other persons.
  • Half of the American adults are facing major depression.
  • Half of the mental disorders show signs before the person turns 14 years old.
  • Less than 20% of children and adolescents receive mental health treatment.

So these were some facts about mental health awareness. These can have a solution if taken seriously. That is why we are stressing the statement, “mental health awareness is important for students.” If children will receive proper treatment at an early age, then it would be possible to control mental stress at the old age level. So let’s move ahead to see why mental health awareness is essential.

Importance of Mental Health Awareness in Schools

As mentioned above, the early signs of mental disorders can be seen around the age of 14 years. Thus there is a need to involve schools in it. Look at the following points to know why mental health awareness is vital in schools.

Awareness can help students

There are so many mental health issues that students face in their daily lives. There are plenty of reasons why students are facing mental health issues like:

  • Bullying
  • Racism
  • Academic Pressure
  • Family Issues
  • Relationship Issues

Most of us must have heard, “children don’t face mental health issues.” Well, it is a complete myth. As mentioned in the facts section, around 13% of American children face mental disorders. Thus in this situation, students must have mental health awareness so that they can identify their signs and speak about it. As school is where students learn about most of the things, so there is a need to have mental health awareness in schools.

Mental health Awareness can boost confidence.

If students will have mental health awareness, then it would help them to combat the stigma. As most of the students don’t feel comfortable talking about their problems, making them aware will help them to open up. Thus knowing the mental state of students will help to diagnose them.

For example, Alex Crotty was only 14 years old when she told her mother that she wouldn’t attend school again. She was feeling miserable and disconnected from other children. While knowing the signs, she was later diagnosed as major depression and anxiety.

That is why there will be awareness about mental health issues. Then we’ll be able to control significant depression or anxiety at an early age.

Awaking Students can Save Lives.

The term “mental Illness” comes with serious issues that can damage students” personal as well as academic life.  Since most of the students are in isolation due to coronavirus, so you never know when this stress will become very dangerous. For example, most of us have seen a show on Netflix named “13 reasons why”. In that show, a teenage girl named Hannah Baker committed suicide after becoming the target of a bully, rape, body shaming, and much more.

The show contributes to the thought that there is a need for mental health awareness, especially in teenagers. The producers of the show and most of the parents believe that “if mental health issues not treated on time, it can create major problems.” Thus we can say that if students are aware of the mental disorders from an early age, then we’ll be able to save many lives. As mentioned above, suicide is the second-largest cause of death in the US for the people aged between 15 to 24 years.

Therefore, schools must empower students with mental health awareness. Students should have the freedom to open up about the issues they are going through. Mental health awareness should be a part of the schools’ curriculum.

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