Covid19 How to Deal With Stress During the Quarantine

Covid19: How to Deal With Stress During the Quarantine

Almost everyone nowadays is suffering from stress due to coronavirus pandemic. But students are the ones who are most vulnerable since it is directly affecting their academic life. Most of the students might be planning their semester studies. But coronavirus has destroyed their plans. Now, this scenario can be stressful for students. Thus most of them are becoming easy targets of stress. So what to do or how to deal with stress as a student? Here you will get your answers.

“Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave.”—Remez Sasson

When talking about stress, mild stress is, however, beneficial for students. It works helps in motivating them or boosting their productivity. But too much stress can seriously affect their lives. If stress is not overlooked at an early age, it can lead to depression or anxiety at the time. Thus we should know how to deal with stress at an early stage. But first, it is essential to understand why students are the easy victim of stress.

What Are the Common Types of Stress That Students Have to Deal With?

As all of us are quarantine due to coronavirus, students are facing the burden of academics, volunteering, and sanitizing their area, family issues, and money crisis. Besides this, there are also some common types of stress that they have to deal with like peer pressure, FOMO, etc. So let’s discuss more on that.


Sometimes students are carrying the baggage of social life, which can hamper their mental health. Thus it leads to peer pressure, anxiety, etc. However, social stress is common, mostly in teenagers.


No doubt, social life is stressful, but academics too responsible for giving mental stress to students. Moreover, doing 100 pages of the assignment before the deadline is not an easy thing. They have to face challenges to score well. All these factors are equally responsible for the stress of students.

Family Issues

No matter what, if parents are not happy, then it usually affects children’s life too. Thus any kind of family issue can also hamper a child’s productivity.


Not getting enough pocket money can lead them to social stress. Thus to overcome it, some students usually do part-time jobs or freelancing. Again doing a job with the study is stressful for students.

Tips on How to Deal With Stress as a Student

As a student, stress management is very important to deal with challenges and become more productive. Thus following are some tips on how to deal with stress.

#Tip1: Make a Schedule

Learning all day long can be stressful, so you should manage some time for yourself to relax the mind. Hence planning the schedule at this point is essential. Take small intervals while studying to avoid losing your creativity. Also, managing as a student can benefit you in other spheres of life as well. So you should manage your daily schedule to overcome stress.

#Tip2: Exercise and Meditation

Meditation is not just for relaxation; its primary purpose is to develop the capacity to respond skillfully and gracefully to life’s difficulties as well as it’s joys.” –Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche. When you exercise or meditate daily, your mind becomes stress-free. Thus our greatest weapon against stress is exercise and meditation. Relax your mind, take some fresh air, eat healthily, and you will notice that you are becoming better to deal with it. Thus exercising and meditation is the most natural tip on how to deal with stress.

#Tip3: Say No to Procrastination     

Every time you feel like it is not the best time to do homework—say no to procrastination. As procrastinating everything can hamper your grades, thus can lead you to severe stress. Be an active learner to stop procrastination. Sought out difficult tasks first so that you can easily do other tasks even if you have low energy.

#Tip4: Drink More Water

According to doctors, the best tip on how to deal with stress is drinking more water. Since studies have shown that dehydration leads to higher levels of cortisol (stress hormones), thus drinking more water can reduce stress. Also, you can take hot water baths to ease your mind and improve your academic performance.

#Tip5: Stay Positive

 “Filter all negativity to produce positive ripples.”—Cheric Roe Dirksen. If you keep focusing on negative results, then you won’t be able to overcome stress. So, buckle up to start focusing on positive things, be optimistic, and don’t be afraid to commit mistakes. Instead, learn from every mistake and pat yourself that at least you tried.

#Tip6: Organize the Academic Life

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” –Lou Holtz. Learning through online classes due to pandemic coronavirus is ending with more homework or assignments. Thus at the end of the day, students’ are all stressed up. Therefore they need to organize their academic life. It means that they should make proper notes for, manage their time well to complete work on time, and also do one task at a time.

Make proper notes while taking online lectures. As we have already mentioned, don’t procrastinate your homework, it will only add mental stress in your life. Keep track of all the deadlines so that you can manage work accordingly. You can also take online assignment help from the experts of Homework Joy. Hopefully, the following above mentioned tips on how to deal with stress are helpful to you.

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