COVID 19 7 Tips on How to Learn Fast

COVID 19: 7 Tips on How to Learn Fast

In this non-static world, everyone wants to enhance their skills. But most of us don’t have time to do that. All we have is 24 hours, and we have to do so many things in those 24 hours. So are we doing anything productive for ourselves? Well, not. So what can we do about it? Well, we can learn how to learn fast so that we can save time for other things too.  

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Especially during this quarantine period, most of us are spending so much time in online classes. We race against the time to complete our pending assignments and meet deadlines. So if you’re feeling time poverty due to assignments, you can take online assignment help from us anytime.

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think—Albert Einstein. It means we don’t have to study just for the sake of passing exams, but to train our minds. So in that situation, the best thing would be to train our minds on how to learn fast. But let’s first see why learning quickly is important in this era.

Importance of Having Quick Learning Ability

The faster you learn, the quicker you will earn. But for all this, you should know how to learn fast. Learning is merely remembering, and the ability to learn quickly is soaking up information more swiftly than others. Let’s see what benefits you can have by learning how to learn fast:

  • Being quick, the learner will, in a way, train your mind to gain more information than others.
  • It will help you in critical thinking, which is nowadays an essential skill asked by recruiters.
  • Your chances of grabbing an opportunity will increase.
  • Your mind will work faster in other things too.
  • Speedy learning can work as an ad on skills in your resume.
  • You’ll become more logical by learning how to learn fast.
  • It will be easier to adapt to inevitable changes.
  • People with fast learning ability are less likely to develop dementia.

Now let’s see how you will develop these abilities by moving towards how to learn fast.

Quick Brain Hacks on How to Learn Fast

The following are some tips to train your mind to learn faster:

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique is the best way to encourage people to learn fast. By using this, you can break your workday into 25 minutes chunks, each separated by 5 minutes breaks. So it is the best way to improve your learning speeds. Besides this, it also helps in increasing your productivity during this quarantine and improves your focus.

Say No to Screen Zone

Try to read from books or your notes. Avoid using laptops, phones, or tablets. In New York, a 2016 Survey by Common Sense Media, mentioned that the average amount of time that people spent with screen media of all kinds (laptops, TVs, phones) every day is 9 hours and 22 minutes. So avoiding the screen zone is the best trick if you want to focus on how to learn fast. These are the things that are responsible for FOMO and consume most of our mental energy.

Find Out Your Productive Time

If you want to learn anything faster, then find out at what time your brain is most active. Usually, for most people, morning time is the time when they feel productive. However, some people require a little amount of sleep, thus understand concepts better at night time. So all you need is a calm time when there is no-one to disturb you so that your mind can work with full focus. Hence you’ll learn faster.

Set Realistic Goals

For your mind to understand how to learn fast, you must set some realistic goals. Suppose you think I can complete a whole unit in one day. It won’t work; your subconscious mind will put more energy into worrying about the task. But if you set goals like I can complete 1 chapter in one day, then your mind will get tricked. Your mind will put all the energy into finishing that one chapter as soon as possible. So that’s how you’ll have enough time to complete others too. Thus you’ll be able to complete the whole unit without even realizing it.

Take Rich Diet

The food that you take has a significant impact on the working system of your brain. Your brain takes glucose to work properly, but the problem is the brain can’t store it. So when the brain doesn’t receive proper glucose, we have difficulty in sleeping, problem-solving, and remembering anything. Thus, in that case, it is important to avoid carbohydrates. Instead, intake protein, omega-3, and caffeine to refresh your mind. Besides speedy learning, taking a rich diet will also help in boosting the immune system during this pandemic.

Have a Positive Company

Having a positive company is an effective strategy for enhancing learning. When you have positive people around you, it increases your chances to learn faster. So do group studies with your friends, it will make your learning fun. Staying around positive people will harness positivity around you and eventually help you in learning faster. On a similar note, avoid negative people.

Develop Healthy Sleeping Habits

If you want to learn how to learn fast, then keep a consistent sleeping schedule. It means get up at the same time every day, not only on working days but also on weekends. To keep your mind healthy, take 7 hours of sleep since it helps in the development of the neurobehavioral system.

So those mentioned above were some tips on how to learn fast which you must try yourself. If you need further help to improve your studies, take our experts’ guidance.

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