A Guide on How to Write a Research

A Guide on How to Write a Research Proposal With Examples

Do you know why students find writing a research proposal difficult? As it requires mastery of multiple skills, students find it the most challenging task. The main research proposal is to describe what you’ll investigate or how you will do the research. When you have to do this much research, it can be confusing for anyone. That is why today, we’ll discuss everything about a research proposal with examples.

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First, see what points we’ll be covering here. So here we’ll discuss the following points:

  • What is a Research Proposal With Examples?
  • How Does a Research Paper Differ From Research Proposal
  • Format of Writing a Research Proposal With Examples

Now let’s move ahead to discuss writing a research paper with examples.

What is a Research Proposal With Examples?

The research proposal is “an integral part of the Research Degree application process,” according to York St John University, UK. Thus it is essential to invest your time and energy to make sure your proposal is effective. Besides this, the research proposal is a way to identify your knowledge of the literature. Also, a complete research proposal with examples provides clues of how you’ll conduct your research.

Furthermore, research proposals are helpful when you have to choose a team to do a project. By writing a research proposal to the supervisor, you can tell how you’ll contribute to the project. Based on the information that you’ll give him, he’ll match you with an appropriate team. That is why the following are some crucial points that you must keep in mind while writing a research proposal.

Tips on How to Write a Research Paper With Examples

Always keep the following points in mind while writing a research proposal:

  • Highlight the original points
  • Discuss how it is transforming the existing literature fields
  • Mention why it is important
  • Demonstrate how you can be the best person to take that research project

How Does a Research Paper Differ From Research Proposal

As the name suggests, some students confuse the research proposal with the research paper. Although the writing process is similar, there are still many differences between both. That is why here we are clarifying your doubts about research papers and research proposals with examples.

The research paper proposes to show students’ academic knowledge about a particular subject. However, the research proposal is the medium to convince others why a research project is important. For example, a prospectus is also a research proposal as it satisfies the readers why a particular agency or firm is valuable. That is why Wichita State University Department of English mentioned, “A prospectus is a formal proposal that the research can be carried out and will yield worthwhile results.”

Format of Writing a Research Proposal With Examples

After understating the differences, now it’s time to know the format of the research proposal with examples. Indeed, writing a research proposal is a formidable task as it requires investigation. For instance, you must be aware of what are your disciplines? What is your purpose in writing it? And above all, who is your audience? So knowing the answer to these questions will help you to include essential elements in the research proposal. So let’s see the format of writing a research proposal with examples.


Your introduction should be catchy and brief. Through the introduction, you have to grab readers’ attention. Since a research proposal is like a contract, the introduction should contain what you are going to propose.  Although not in the legal sense, it can be thought in an intellectual sense.  You can also start the research proposal by asking questions with “what.” For example, what is the role of library cards for third-grade students?


While writing the background part, you should follow a clear structure. You need to develop a plan to outline the structure. Also, you can add the research paper with examples related to the literature if required. Demonstrate the aim of writing the research proposal. Besides this, you can mention the main problems that you’ll be sorting out.

Review Sources

Writing this section can be a little difficult as it involves the collection of data from different sources. Thus we suggest you organize the data if you want to keep things simple and clear for your readers. Besides this, you must know the literature that you will be processing. Also, you needed to show that there are researches based on your field of data.

Research Method

For writing an outstanding research proposal with examples, you must have a method. Since the research is vast, you must have a research method based on the literature review. It will not only make your writing effective but also engage readers.  Try to list all the methods that you will use for the research.


Your research proposal should make it clear how it will influence the lives of others. The outcomes of your project should be clear. You need to explain what impacts your research will have. Also, include your suggestions and what potential changes your study can make in the field.


Conclude by keeping in mind that a well-written research proposal will help you to get the resources for your research. Besides this, highlight all the important points that you want readers to grasp first. Make sure the problem that you raised, in the beginning, is solved. Also, add some sentences about why people will have benefit from your research.  

Thus it was a lesson on how to write a research proposal with examples. We hope this information will help you. Don’t worry, even if you haven’t understood it well. Let our academic professionals write it for you. So you can rely on us for English assignment help. We ensure to provide you the best content for the research proposal.


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