COVID 19 How to Overcome the Fear of Examination

COVID 19: How to Overcome the Fear of Examination

Today, Global nations are facing the attack of the COVID-19 pandemic. In such a sensitive situation, the only way to save ourselves and our loved ones is to maintain social distancing and self-isolation. Rather, this lockdown is affecting the mental health of the people, most prominent among them are students. It leads them to the stress of exams as they have to study online without teachers’ provision. So, the question arises on how to overcome the fear of examination? What precautions should they take to score good marks while staying home? Here we will be discussing all these questions. 

Students not only have to overcome the fear of examination but also have to fight with coronavirus fear. It is usual for them to experience various thoughts, feelings, and reactors. So, students need to focus more on their studies to retain themselves from fear of coronavirus.

To overcome the fear of exams, there are several tips that you should follow. But definitely, you should stop procrastinating things first and start doing actions to overcome stress. So let’s discuss which actions will help you to know how to overcome the fear of examination.

10 Tips on How to Overcome Fear of Exams

Although exams are postponed almost in every nation, there are still some universities that are taking online examinations. These universities are accepting the online test to minimize the effect of coronavirus on studies. Thus students are facing double stress of both pandemic disease and exams. The following are some tips on how to overcome the fear of exams.

Early Revision

Active learning is not revising in the 16th hour, but learning something daily. After completing your regular study work, spend 1 hour for the revision. As it would be easy for your brain to remember a small portion each day, so revise daily. Through this trick, you will be prepared for your examination without stressing your brain cells.

Make a Schedule

If you are concerned about how to overcome the fear then, first of all, you should make a time table. Within this hectic life, you need to plan your study hours to keep your potential in view. A well-thought schedule will help you to master every subject. Along with this, make a list of what you have to study daily.

Post Charts

Planning is a good way to overcome your fear. Visualization is the best way to learn something quickly. If you want to learn some tough formulas or tables, then write them down on a sheet of paper. Thus paste these charts on that wall, which catches your vision more. If you want to memorize something for a lifetime, then this method will help you.

Focus on Every Subject

Researchers believe that students ought to focus on every subject. Reading all subjects, cultivate your knowledge, and increases your productivity. Concentrating on one subject is boring and increases the risk of failure in other subjects. So learning various subjects acquires the creativity of the mind. If you want to overcome the fear of examination, then create a schedule of mixed subjects so that you can score well in every subject.

Take Breaks

Studying for long hours is not only tiring but also bad for your health. Thus it is recommended that students should take appropriate brakes. While taking these brakes, try to stretch your body muscles as it would maintain the blood circulation and rejuvenate the body. Since humans are not wired to study 8 hours straight, thus it is very important to take brakes.

Take Enough Sleep

Now you must be thinking that how is it possible to sleep well without knowing how to overcome the fear of exams. Well, if you will start following these tips, then you will notice negligible stress. Thus students should take at least 8-9 hours of sleep to relax their brain and body. It is also essential to take quality sleep daily so that you can concentrate well on your studies.

Make Notes

While following these tips, one essential thing is to make notes during online classes. Whenever your teacher says, it is a crucial topic, then note down that topic. Also, makes notes while doing revision so that before the examination, all you have to do is go through with those notes. It will decrease the last-minute stress that students usually face before the exams.

Use Bookmarks and Highlighters

As books are overloaded with information; thus using bookmarks and highlighters while reading them will save your time during revision. It will result in faster retrieval of data from the brain. For example, if there is a formula in mathematics that you want to learn, highlight the formula and fold the page as the bookmark. Thus whenever you have to solve a sum, you can easily remember the page and the formula.

Those mentioned above were some tips on how to overcome the fear of examination and practice well. Follow these tips for better results and good luck for your exams.

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