8 Best Podcasts About History for Students

8 Best Podcasts About History for Students

“If you don’t know, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.” – Michael Crichton

These words seem true, particularly in this context. As we all know, a pandemic disease coronavirus has spread due to which almost all the countries are shutdown. This quarantine time is boring. People have nothing to do: no offices, no schools, no gyms, and no any other outdoor activity. Thus, if you are also bored due to lockdown, then here is the solution. Listen to the best podcasts about history.

As the college entrance numbers are dropping, 24% of the U.S. population likes listening podcasts. This figure is increasing annually by 10-20 per cent. All the podcasts are free, so you can download them or listen to them whenever you want, without spending a dollar. Traditional practices of education are rigid and take time in adding new information, while the podcasts are up to date weekly with the latest information. You can listen to the best podcasts about history while doing other stuff.

List of 8 Best Podcasts about History

History podcasts are invaluable. Since they increase your health, wealth, and wisdom. Gloria Feldt, a speaker of the New York Times, says, “Knowing your history can give you the tools to shape your future.” Thus, here is the list of 10 best podcasts about history that students should listen to.

The Story, by Alec Baldwin

The story podcast presents the unknown backstories of 12 women who are willing to change the world. Every episode is a mini-historical biography and includes life lessons. In this podcast, you will learn some fascinating stories and actionable insights from the most courageous and successful people thought the history. The story podcast is available on iTunes and Google Play.

How to Take Over the World

If you are searching for a podcast for personal development, then it is the best podcast about history. Each episode of the story tells the personal story of the people who changed the world like Steve Jobs or Julius Cesar. It examines what strategies and tactics these people used to accomplish their goals. This podcast provides both infotainment and education. It is an amazing podcast to go if you are trying to learn something from history.

Rest of the Story, by Paul Harvey

Each of the episodes is a short story about history. It is a well-known radio show. It is often known as “conservative radio.” Paul Harvey is the storyteller in the podcast. Since he was also a delightful history teacher, thus his velvety voice turns the story into narrative and entertainment. It depicts the story during the Second World War.

Revisionist History, by Malcolm Gladwell

It is one of the best podcast about history, presented by Malcolm Gladwell, an author of the bestselling book Outliers. It focuses on the stories of the history which have created the world as we know it. There are so many ideas that have been forgotten over time. Thus, Revisionist History discusses all those people, things, ideas, and events that are ignored or misrepresented.

The New York Public Library

 Listen to this podcast of history if you want to feed your brain with some live conversations in the New York Public Library. It has an eclectic mix of voices and gives different perspectives. Some of America’s best thinkers and artists convey their views in this podcast. It contains various discussions about the nation’s culture and the influence of it.

Burnt Toast, by Michael Harlan Turkell

Burnt toast is the podcast that chases the stories to give its listeners a perfect party fodder during the time of commutation. In each episode, Michael explores different cultures and communities of food. The podcast highlights the past time by informing what we eat today in its context. In each episode, she also meets some people who shaped the present food and future of food. The podcast discusses craziest food stories along with what we eat and why we eat.

The Memory Palace, by Nate DiMeo

The memory palace is a monthly podcast that is hosted by Nate DiMeo. It debuted in 2018. The featured programs contain historical narratives majorly on the subjects like Cardiff Giant, CIA. It is well known for its history at its finest. The best part about this podcast is that episodes of this podcast are not in order. So you can easily understand it from wherever you start with.

Philosophize This! By Stephen West

Philosophize this is a free podcast by Stephen West that shares the ideas that shape our world. If anyone is interested in listening to an educational podcast related to philosophy and history, then he must go for it. There is no need to be a scholar or graduate to understand this podcast. It depicts the chronological order of thinking of philosophers. It is a great podcast that anyone can enjoy.

Therefore, it was the list of best podcasts for history, which everyone should listen to enhance their knowledge and avoid boredom during the quarantine.

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