How to Write a Book Report Step by Step Guide

How to Write a Book Report | Step by Step Guide

“Why is writing a book report within the deadline is so difficult for you?”— Most of us often hear these words from our teachers. But we understand that write a book report isn’t easy. So here we will help you on how to write a book report with some easy steps.

When we are in elementary school, we love to read different stories. However, when we reach high school, and we have to write a book report about what we’ve learned, it becomes challenging for us. Ever wonder why?—Because it wants us to think and write critically. But don’t worry about it. At Homework Joy, we work with students on an individual level to solve their assignment related problems. So today, we’ll discuss how to write a book report. But before that also, check some of the posts that might help you in writing long assignments:

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So let’s get started on how to write a book report. But first, know what a book report means.

What is a Book Report?

A written composition that describes, summarizes, or evaluates a book is a book report. As Ann McCallum, author of ‘Language Arts Today,’ points out, “A book report is a way for you to let others know about a book you’ve read. A good book report will help others to decide whether they want to read the book or not.” But in schools writing a book report is “a means of determining whether or not a student has read a book.”

Format of a Book Report

If you have no idea of how to write a book report, see the basic format first. The basic format includes the following information:

  • Name of the author
  • Title of the book and year of publication
  • Type of literature it includes like Gothic 
  • The central theme of the book
  • A summary of the basic idea treated in the book
  • Reader’s response like books’ strength or weakness
  • Quotation from the book

How to Write a Book Report Like a Pro

A book report is a complicated assignment since it requires a lot of reading. Thus you must have a basic understanding of the book’s content. Also, you must know how to write a book report that will help you in scoring good grades. So let’s move ahead with the steps of writing a book report.

Read Before Writing

Good writing comes from good reading. So there is no substitute for the reading part. But here is a tip. Choose the book you’ll enjoy reading as reading should be fun, not chore! Now you must be thinking, how will I know if the book is interesting or not? Ask your friends about it or check the readers’ comments. Do some research about to know the book better.

Furthermore, don’t forget to jot down important points while reading the book. Use markers to mark quotations, page numbers, and other important stuff that you think you can mention in the book report.

Outline the Book Report

Read the instructions given by your teacher. Thus for organizing thoughts on how to write a book report, outline the structure. Make sure your book report has the following:

  • Introduction
  • Summary of Book
  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Evaluation and Conclusion

Each of these points might correspond to a paragraph. So organize your thoughts well.   


While mentioning essential points about a book like a title, author, etc., mention interesting things about the book. The introduction is the only part that decides whether a person would like to read it or not. So make sure your introduction should outshine. Also, you can mention why you chose to read that book. Be amiable with your readers since the introduction paragraph is your opportunity to build the interest of the readers.

Body of the Book Report

In this section of your report, you have to describe what the book is about. Mention how successful the book is and what your opinions are about it. Also, take it as a chance to show that you have a full understanding of the book. It will create a good impression on your teacher. Thus your chances of securing good grades will increase. Furthermore, describe the central conflict that characters are trying to solve.

Key Points to Mention For Fiction Book Report

If the book you selected is fictional, then this section is helpful to you. While writing a report on fiction, put stress on the distinct tone or mood. Make the sequence of important events. Also, mention the climax of the story and literary devices used by the author. Besides this, in writing a report of fiction give details of the plot.

For Non-Fiction

While writing a report on non-fiction, you have to be precise. There is no need to describe every single point. Use your core findings and mention only important points. Make a summary of the critical aspects that the author wants to convey. If you don’t agree with something in the book, mention that too.

Analysis and Conclusion

It is the most interesting part of the book report. As you are free to write critique or acknowledgment of the book, you can write it in your own style. While writing this section, try to answer questions that readers have in general, like why I should read it? What can I learn from it? Balance your conclusion with such answers.

Edit and Revise

Last but not least, revise your book report aloud. Develop a strategy to make comprehension reading easier. Thus edit the content where you find an error. Check the grammar and make sure it includes everything mentioned by your teacher. After that, reread it for the final touch. Also, you can take help from someone else for the feedback.  

Hoping you after reading this, you must know how to write a book report. If you still have queries about it, get instant English assignment help from our professionals. They’ll be happy to help you anytime.

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