COVID 19 Benefits of Online Learning During Quarantine

COVID-19: Benefits of Online Learning During Quarantine

The whole world is facing a public health emergency due to the attack of coronavirus pandemic. To avoid the spread of disease, we have to follow home-quarantine and social distancing. Due to this, most of the schools and colleges are shutting down. Thus these institutes are enabling students to attend online classes. In such situations, there is a need to know the key benefits of online learning and how online learning can protect us from coronavirus.

Alone in China, around 180 million students are quarantined or unable to travel. Also, most of the institutes in the U.S. had shifted tests like ACT postponed its April 4th test to June 13th. Several college boards also announced that they would conduct online test series to protect students and staff from the pandemic disease.  Of course, this online learning is not a new thing, but not everyone will be aware of the benefits of online learning. Hence here we will be discussing these benefits in brief.

Key Benefits of Online Learning

Since most of the students have always taken face to face classes; thus, online learning can be difficult for some students. But the benefits of online learning have their perks. So the following mentioned are some key benefits of online learning.

Flexibility to Contact Professors

In schools or colleges, teachers are available for a limited period. So you have to wait for the next day to ask your doubts or queries. While taking online classes, there is no such issue. You can email or contact your professors for any queries. Also, teachers are cooperating more these days as they are well aware that most of the students are not so fond of online learning. If you are having any trouble in discussing anything with your teacher, then you should know how to foster a student-teacher relationship for better learning.

Customized Learning Environment

One of the best benefits of online learning is that you can set up your own classroom wherever you want. Pick any room where you will be less interrupted and set your study materials there. You don’t have to go to disruptive places like crowded libraries, classrooms and so on. Thus you are learning in a safe environment by not being around other people.

Flexible Schedule

For taking online classes, you don’t have to wake up early in the morning and get ready. Thus you don’t have to lose sleep anymore for attending classes. You can participate in online classes even in your PJs. Even you can do other household work while attending classes. Apart from these, online learning saves commuting time. So you can easily spend your precious time on some other hobby.

Online Learning is Eco-friendly

Since you are learning online, there is no need to commute to any university or college. Thus online learning is not only time saving but also money-saving. On average, an adult student spends around $245 annually in the U.S. for commuting college. In such situations, online learning is saving a lot of money and energy resources that are used by students like parking costs and study materials.

Boost Opportunities for Discussion

Online learning allows you to interact more on a particular topic through online chat portals, live online discussions, and so on. Thus it boosts opportunities for discussion not only from your classmates but also from anyone across the world. You can easily exchange ideas with your classmates without any need to travel a commonplace. Through these interactive discussions, you will develop online discussion skills.

Review Course Materials

While learning online, you can record videos or take screenshots as per your convenience. Thus whenever you are facing doubts on any topic, you just have to review those recordings. Also, educational institutes are providing online study material. It means that you can study whenever you want. All you have to do is review the course materials like podcasts, videos, and other stuff.

Learn at Your Own Pace

As you are studying online, there is no teacher to keep an eye on you continually. It means that you are free to study whenever you want. Even you can study any subject at any time. Suppose you like to learn theoretical concepts at night. Thus you are free to do it. Also, you can take your time to understand a concept. Thus learning concepts like this will stick in your mind for a lifetime, you don’t have to revise them repeatedly.

Get Immediate Results of Tests

Let’s admit it. The offline test takes a lot of time for results, which are nerve-racking for students. But when learning online and taking online tests, there is no such issue. You get immediate results of the tests to see how well you have scored. These instant results give enough time to students to improve themselves before the next test.

These were some primary benefits of online learning during the quarantine period. So enjoy these benefits and study well. Stay home, stay safe.

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