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What is a CV and How to Write It?

Before knowing how to write a cv, let us get to know what is a CV? A CV is a document that highlights an individual’s professional and academic history. You might be asked to submit a CV when applying for jobs or internships. A CV needs to reflect your abilities as a teacher, researcher, curator, or scholar. While editing or formatting a CV, the header and font should be used the same as a cover letter. A CV does not require an objective. 

  • Include contact information: In CV, include your name, phone number, and email address. Including a home address is optional. It makes it easy for the recruiters to contact you regarding the interview timing or selection etc.
  • Detail your academic history: Include all your educational qualifications. Mention the requirement in reverse chronological order with the latest one on above. The chronology should be the post-graduate program, graduate program, undergraduate school, and high school. 
  • Mention professional experience: List the name of the organization, your job duties, and details in your CV. List the date employed, starting with your most recent job. Using numbers will make it easy to measure the impact.
  • Include relevant skills: Highlight the most relevant skills of yours. It can increase the chances of you getting selected as a candidate required for a job. Make sure you know what the skills employers are looking for in a candidate. Then mention those particular skills to increase your job opportunity.
  • List the awards and honors: Use this particular section to highlight all your achievements and awards you received related to the field you applied for. Start with the award name, the year of winning, the organization, and the details of it.
  • Languages are known: Usually, it is seen that additional languages play a vital role in landing you your dream job. New language knowledge provides various opportunities. 

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