How to Write a Formal Letter | Format, and Types

Although most of your communication nowadays relies on social media, messages, or emails, there are still some reasons for which you must know how to write a formal letter. Today in this post, we’ll discuss that. So before wasting any minute, let’s get started. 

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A formal letter has several rules about layout, language, and tone that you have to follow.

Format of Formal Letter

Once in a lifetime, everyone has to write a formal letter. It is still the best way to create impressions. Thus here is the format of how to write a formal letter.

Address and Date

The first thing that you have to keep in mind while writing a formal letter is the layout. 

  • Write the address on the top-right corner of the page.
  • Include the date below it.
  • Now on the left-hand side, write the recipient’s address.

Begin Letter

  • Write proper salutations
  • Clearly, state the subject of the letter like why you are writing it. 

Tone and Purpose

Your opening sentence should be clear and to the point. But keep in mind the following tips:

  • Your tone matters a lot while writing a formal letter. Thus avoid casual or chatty language.
  • The purpose of writing the letter has to be clear and include all the relevant details for the purpose. 

Proofreading and Editing

Before ending your letter, make sure to provide a proper call to action. For example, 

  • If you are writing a complaint, state clearly that you’re asking for a reply or some action. 
  • Are you applying for a job? Then ask them to arrange an interview. 

End your letter with signature and contact details. 

After completing the writing section, proofread for errors and edit it carefully. 

Types of Formal Letters

Suppose you have to write a cover letter for yourself, how would you want it to appear? It depends on your and your writing skills. Thus here are some types of formal letters that you must know for better writing skills. 

Letter of Enquiry

It is a famous business letter that people use. It helps a person to have information about a course, interview, business deal, etc.

Order Letter

When the buyer requires something, he writes the order letter to the seller. It can be about shipping, billing, or anything else related to the business. 

Letter of Complaint

When the customer is not satisfied with a particular company’s services, he writes a letter of complaint. 

Thus these were some crucial points on writing a letter that will help you write a better letter. If you need more online assignment help, kindly contact our subject experts. 

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