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What Causes an Earthquake | Things You Need To Know 

An earthquake is when the Earth’s tectonic plates collide with each other and slip past one another. The surface where it drops is known as the fault plane. It could be said that the movement of the outermost layers causes the intense shaking of the Earth’s surface.

What Causes Earthquake?

Earth is made up of four layers: Mantle, Lithosphere, crust, and outer core. It’s more like an eggshell which is made up of giant puzzle pieces of tectonic plates. The edges of the tectonic plates are known as plate boundaries. Since plate boundaries are made of faults, earthquakes around the world occur on these faults.

Why Does The Earth Shake?

Tectonic plates stay in constant motion, and this energy released due to friction between plates causes seismic waves, and when the motion is too much, it causes cracks called faults. These waves reach the Earth’s surface, shake the ground, and cause earthquakes. Epicenter is the location where earthquakes occur.

How Are Earthquakes Measured?

The energy by which an earthquake’s vibrations travel to Earth is known as seismic waves. And this intensity is recorded by instruments known as seismographs. Seismographs could determine not only the time but also the intensity and location of earthquakes. Seismographs could also determine the rocks traveled by seismic waves.

Do Earthquakes Only Happen on Earth?

Earthquakes are a result of seismic activity. Scientists have measured earthquakes not only on Mars, Earth’s moon, Venus but also at several other moons of Jupiter.

 What Should You Do During An Earthquake?

Whenever anything natural occurs, the first thing in your mind should be to keep yourself and the people around you safe.

In case you are somewhere inside:

  • The first and foremost step should be to find a corner and drop yourself to the ground by covering yourself with a piece of furniture. In case you are not able to find furniture, cover your head with your hands.
  • Stay in bed if you are there at the time of the earthquake and cover your head with a pillow. Do not move.
  • Don’t run out in a hurry; studies have shown that most injuries occur when people inside the apartment are trying to make movements either outside or at different places.

In case you are somewhere outside:

  • Stay wherever you are and look around that you are not standing in front or exit of any building. In case you are, then you should move away from it.
  • In case you are in a vehicle, stay in. and make sure you aren’t under buildings, overpasses, utility wires, or trees.

To summarize, No matter where you are, don’t panic. Follow the technique to cover your head, lay down, and keep breathing. Do not ever lay beside something that could easily smash over you. Please stay safe and for more informational blogs or infographics, visit our website Homework Joy.

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