Let’s Learn How To Write A Paragraph

 It’s easy to write sentences but to combine them into a paragraph becomes a bit challenging. Let’s learn how to write a paragraph from 4 easy steps.

Follow These Steps To Learn How To Write A Paragraph:

Step 1: Decide a topic by culminating all your creative ideas.

          The beginning sentence is known as the topic sentence. After deciding the topic of your paragraph, you have to determine the topic sentence of your paragraph. For example: If your topic is “Friends,” You may start with “Good friends are essential in our lives.”

Step 2: Now, write subordinating sentences to your topic.

After writing the Topic sentence, you have to write subordinating sentences that connect to the topic of your paragraph. Make sure that your focus should be on the keyword and its purpose.

Step 3: Explain with examples to keep the reader comfortable and engaged.

 Examples are an essential part of the paragraph as it makes readers stay connected with the content.

Step 4: Now, It’s time to write a concluding sentence. 

Do not add any new sentence in the concluding sentence; always try to write a sentence that could justify your whole paragraph. You can even try to end your paragraph with a personal connection like your opinion or feelings.

How To Make Your Paragraph A+ Grade?

  • Prepare a draft of your paragraph. After writing your topic sentence, Write at least 4-5 subordinating sentences. Don’t forget to use transition words in your sentences. Transition words make it easy to bring a flow in a paragraph.
  • You can try to add facts and relevant theories if possible.
  • You may conclude by using transition words such as finally, In a comment, in conclusion, in sum, etc.
  • Before submitting your paragraph, check the grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, using capital letters and punctuation marks in the right place.

Strategies To Identify Your Errors:

  • Read your paragraph aloud.
  • Try to read like a reader who is reading this paragraph for the first time. Analyze whether it is comfortable and understanding for him or not.
  • Eliminate sentences that are repeating and irrelevant.
  • Rearrange sentences if they are not in logical order.

Caution: while writing paragraphs, you should keep in mind that you are not writing anything out of the text. Paragraphs are meant to be crisp writing regarding a particular topic.

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