Name of the Shapes in Geometry

Name of the Shapes in Geometry | Mathematics Tip

The shape is the form of an object. It can be two-dimensional because it has a structure. It is important to know the names of the shapes in geometry. Suppose someone asked you to get a square plate. But if you don’t know what is square, then how will you get it? Thus knowledge of geometrical shapes is vital. Everyone should be aware of it since we use these shapes in our day to day life. The following are the name of the shapes in geometry. 


Square is a four-sided two-dimensional figure. The shape is connected with four line segments of equal lengths. The four lines form four right angles at the corner of the square. Thus it means all angles are of 90 degrees and opposite sides are parallel. 


A circle has no straight is a combination of curves that always has the same difference from a point in the center. No angles are found in a circle. Thus they are not polygons. So what is it? It is a 2-D shape with no thickness and no depth. 


A rectangle is a 2-D shape like an elongated square. Two of the line segments are longer than the other two. It has four right angles at the corners of the rectangle. The opposite sides are parallel and have the same lengths. Also, the distance between them remains the same at all points. 


The triangle has three edges and three vertices. According to the length of the sides, triangles are classified into three. Equilateral has all four sides equal, and all angles are acute. Isosceles has two sides of the same length, and one angle of an is the right-angled triangle, while the other two are acute angles. Scalene has unequal sides and angles. 


A polygon is a plane figure or any 2-dimensional shape formed with finite straight lines. There are different types of Polygon: Regular, Irregular, Concave, Convex, Quadrilateral, Pentagon. All of these have edges or sides. Examples of a polygon are Triangle, Quadrilateral, Pentagon, and hexagon. 


A parallelogram with equal sides is also known as a rhomboid. It is a quadrilateral with parallel opposite sides. Both square and rectangle are also part of a parallelogram since they have equal opposite angles. Its opposite sides are congruent.


So these were some shapes in the geometry that everybody should know as we use them in our daily life. If you need any assistance related to these kinds of topics, you can get Math assignment help from us.

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