What are Political Ideologies

What are Political Ideologies: Democracy Vs. Liberalism

Political ideologies refer to the various ideological demographics in the world. It is a particular set of ethics, principles, or social movement that explains how society should work. It primarily concerns how the power should be used for the betterment of the large. Also, check our latest posts: 

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Now lets’ move ahead with political ideologies briefing. 

Different Political Ideologies

We have seen different political ideologies until now. 


It is a type of political ideology with the skeptical justification of authority and power. The term anarchism derives from the Greek term arché.  As it means the first ruling principle or power, thus, in anarchism, no one is there to rule. Also, some people believe that anarchism is rule by all. 


Communalism, in a broad sense, means the attachment of one to his community. In some countries, it is understood as an unhealthy attachment towards one’s religion or community. Communalism has strong roots in American history. For example, hippie communes have a strong impact on modern American politics. 


According to political theorists such as Russell Kirk and  Patrick Allittargues that conservatism has played a significant role in American politics and culture since 1776.  Conservatism is a political ideology characterized by American Traditions, republicanism, and support for Christian values. Thus it also defends Western political culture from the threats of socialism, authoritarianism, and moral relativism. 


It is the most prominent among all the types of political ideologies. Liberalism advocates secure civil as well as social liberties. According to this view, societies need to be changed for the betterment of all. The government needs to ensure equality and protect civil rights. Thus The Democratic Party is the perfect example for US liberals. 


People have the power to choose their governing body. Those nations which have democracy are more likely to secure peace, expand open markets, and protect economic development. Democracy and respect for human rights are the central part of US politics. The US seeks to promote democracy as a means to achieve stability, security, and prosperity for the whole world. 

Democracy Vs. Liberalism

Political ideologies, both democracy, and liberalism together supply the foundation of almost all political thinking in the modern world. But the two ideas have a different origin. Liberalism is the current political theory. Democracy, when compared to liberalism, is an ancient conception of the form of government. Benjamin Constant, one of the major political theorists in Europe, distinguished the modern concept of liberalism with ancient democratical thought. 

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