Simple Tips on How to Learn Excel

Simple Tips on How to Learn Excel | Step by Step Guide

Sometimes excel is too good to handle the larger data. All you have to do is enter the formula, and everything will be done automatically. So lets’ see how we can use this handy software. 

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The following are some tips on how to learn excel; let’s have a quick look. 

Interchange Rows into Columns

If you want to transform data from rows into columns, then this step is helpful for you. 

Steps to Interchange rows into columns: Highlight the row that you want to interchange with the column. Then Right-Click it and select ”Copy”. Paste it in your spreadsheet wherever you want. 

Split up text information

Suppose you need to split the first and last name of the people into two different columns. Thus this step will help you.  

Steps to split the text: If you need to split the text information into two different columns, then first highlight the column you want to split. After that, go to the Data tab and select “Text to Columns”. You’ll see a module with some additional features from which you have to choose either “Delimited” or “Fixed Width.”

How to Use Excel Formulas

Here are some tips on how to use formulas in excel file. 

Formulas for Simple Calculations

Excel can help you to do simple calculations like subtracting, addition or multiplication

  • For addition use + sign
  • To subtract use – sign
  • To multiply use * sign
  • For division use / sign

Also, you can use parenthesis if you have to perform two tasks together. For example (20+20)*20.

To Calculate Average

Doing simple calculations is easy. Even most of us can use a calculator for that. But what if you have to perform some tricky action on your data like calculating average? That is why excel is there to help you. 

If you have to calculate the average of the cells, then use the formula =AVERAGE(Cell Range) 

For the addition of the numbers, use the formula =SUM(Cell Range). 

To automatically change the color of the Data.

Use conditional formatting to change the color of the Data automatically. It will help you to find particular data faster.

Steps to use conditional formatting: highlight the group of cells on which you have to use conditional formatting. Choose conditional formatting from the Home Menu. Select the Logic from the dropdown. A window will pop up, which will have more information. After reading that click OK 

Thus use these steps to make your work easy on excel. Furthermore, to know more, get instant computer science assignment help from professionals.

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