List of Some Interesting Proposal Essay Topics

List of Some Interesting Proposal Essay Topics With Examples

Have you ever seen a movie on the big screen? What do we see there? The whole star cast works in unison to create a hit show that grabs audience attention and admiration. As the movie starts, the first scene that appears on the screen sets our judgment alerts. The title of the film itself serves as a judgment ground for us. So, the title, scenes, star cast, songs, and the acting skills collectively are responsible for a hit or a flop show. Similarly, the proposal essay is an integral part of the college/school syllabus, which is a movie in itself.

The proposal essay is a movie directed by the student for the audience that is the professor. The grade of a student that is a flop or hit show depends upon factors such as proposal essay topics, content, and presentation, etc. The director is entitled to set things in place to put up a great show. So, the students need to keep their foot in the audience’s shoes to know what interests them. To understand what elements would make a show hit, first, let’s know about the movie that centralizes it all.

What is a proposal essay?

To start with, a proposal essay is the documentation of ideas written by a student to convince his authorities. The purpose of writing a proposal essay is to provide an opportunity for the professors to give feedback on the research work. So, the choice of an effective proposal essay topic is an important task at hand. The impression that your proposal essay will set on your professor will commence in your grades and public appraisal. Here are some steps that can help you to choose good proposal essay topics.

Steps to choose good proposal essay topics

Before you sit to write a proposal essay, you need first to select an appropriate topic. Although ‘the first impression is the last impression’ a staunch statement; it somehow plays a crucial role in forming judgments. So, the choice of an interesting proposal essay topics can hook or disgust your reader. Here are a few steps that can help you in picking up an effective topic that’ll interest you as a writer and your audience as a reader.

1). Know your purpose

The foremost step in finding good proposal essay topics is to know your purpose. When movies are made, they don’t come from anywhere. The first step that the director takes in hand is to find the issues prevalent in society at the time. The topics need to be the ones that’ll trigger the audience’s response. So, knowing the purpose shall help you in finding apt proposal essay topics.

2). Conduct deep research

Now that you know the topics that can trigger the audience, the next step is to conduct deep research. As the actor needs to feel the emotions to make it felt by the audience, similarly, the better you know a topic, the better you can convey it. So, conducting deep research and finding related information can help find effective proposal essay topics.

3). Plan the structure

The next step in the line is to plan a structure. When the starting connects to the climax, the director gets confident about the audience’s response. So, due to proper structuring, getting along with the title of the movie gets easier. Similarly, planning the structure of the proposal essay shall finalize the proposal essay topics that we’re seeking for.

Here are some proposal essay topics from the distinct fields


  • What is the difference between online learning and traditional classroom learning?
  • Is it the right choice to switch from hard copies to digital texts?
  • How to encourage classroom activities to reduce stress?
  • How to incorporate project-based learning into your online curriculum?
  • Will the initiative of starting night schools help the working students in any way?
  • How to smarten your mode of learning by making use of innovative techniques and technology?
  • What are the initiatives that the school authorities should take to resist against ragging and violence in school?


  • What is your justification for the practice of capital punishment? Should it be carried on?
  • Are there strict laws against child abuse, slavery, prostitution, human trafficking, etc.? Mention a few.
  • Critically comment on the #MeToo movement, and how does it commence changes, if any?
  • How do a countries’ law and order supervisees the political and social scenario?
  • What laws have been introduced by the government to curb illegal drug intake?

Art and Culture

  • What is popular culture, and what is its effect on the people of today’s generation?
  • Is nucleated family culture replacing the existent joint family culture?
  • What purpose does gender role play in the present political and aesthetic scenario?
  • Are we all coming back to our past culture and traditions from the modern one?
  • How are pop music and rap culture influencing the youth of present times?
  • Should contemporary artists be rewarded for their unique style and show?
  • What transition has our culture traced from the late ’90s till early ’20s?


  • Give a glimpse of the scenario of societies, food, and people of different historical ages.
  • What were the events to be followed after the devastating World War 1 and 2?
  • How did Karl Marx’s theories impact our immediate societies?
  • Trace the history of the abolition of slavery and how does it influence the fellow countries.
  • Throw some light on the advent of hippie culture from the heart of Europe to all over the world.
  • Give an account of the age of revolution and renaissance on the Roman society.
  • Comment upon the descendants of man and his evolution into the modern form.


  • How to prevent discrimination based on color, caste, and creed within sports?
  • How can the sports authorities prevent major injuries during sports events?
  • What are the measures that the government should take to encourage talented players?
  • What are the ways by which the young athletes can be motivated to take up a sport?
  • What economic aids do players these days need to grow their sports skills?
  • How should the sports media set their foot firm in covering sports events effectively?
  • What is the purpose of strengthening intercultural relations in sports events?

Health care

  • What are the modern technologies that can be introduced in the field of healthcare to upgrade it?
  • What health precautions should be taken to prevent fatal health diseases?
  • What healthcare plans can the families take for prevention before cure?
  • How is the difference between the private and the public hospital facilities?


  • How can the election commission of the various countries take up the initiative of making it a sorted activity?
  • How can the issue of illegal immigration and settlement in a foreign land be resolved?
  • In what way can the United Nations strengthen the interpersonal ties among the neighboring countries?
  • How are the young faces backing up the political scenario of the countries around the world?
  • How can the people manage the culture of debt by the least possible use of credit?

Hopefully, these proposal essay topics must have helped you in choosing an appropriate title for your movie. Now you’re all set to direct the whole movie and gain appraisals from your audience. These proposal essay topics would not only help you score good grades but also help you gain evident feedback. Get more such interesting proposal essay topics from our service. Our team of professionals provides 100% authentic topics that can certainly help you score A+ grade.

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