7 Tips on Writing an Essay Effectively

7 Tips on Writing an Essay Effectively

Do you remember the first essay you ever wrote? Such a mix of feelings did we have! By then, we just knew how to think and write. But, essay writing taught us how to imagine and create. As kids, we have innocent and random thoughts about the things that we perceive. For instance, the cartoon characters that we admire, our crazy friends, parents, and our siblings, they all frame our thinking. What we think to advance us to imagine and be as creative.

In short, essay writing helps us to put our imagination into words. So, it is essential to be as lucrative and vivid as possible. To upscale your creative skills, here are ten tips on writing an essay effectively.

To make this process of learning how to write an essay that hooks the readers, let’s imagine it like a treasure hunt.

Have a clear purpose and objective

When one set on a treasure hunt, the foremost task is to have a clear head. Now, the head needs to be filled by a firm purpose and objective. Asking questions to self, such as why am I in search of this treasure? What will I gain from it?

Similarly, while writing an essay, you should have a purpose that motivates you to write. Again ask yourself, what topic shall fit in my thoughts in it? How can my reader get what I want to portray? Then assemble all the answers and get started with it.

Know your audience

Now that you have clear aims, you need to know all about the one who has hidden the treasure. To clarify, hunting the treasure shall get more comfortable when you have an idea about the organizer. Their thought process shall synchronize with yours and guide you throughout the way. Similarly, before writing an essay, you must know who your audience/reader is. This will not only help you think alike but also frame your words accordingly. Knowing the audience will hike the chances of appraisals in your essay.

Choose a topic

The next in the tips to write an essay effectively is to choose a topic. With a precise aim and knowledge of the organizer, now you’ve to choose the correct medium to reach the first hunting location. That is, you need to choose a topic for your essay that will decide whether your readers will stay or skip. The topic should engage them, excite them, and confuse them all together to hook their attention. So, you need to research the best topic as per your purpose, keeping in mind your audience.

Prepare an outline

Next in the task list is to prepare an overview of your route to hunt for the treasure. By having a clear idea of where you’re heading, where you need to stop, where you need to search, etc., you’ll play it wise. Similarly, when you’re writing an essay, there should be a proper outline and structuring. That is, you have to have an appealing introduction, a strong body, and a brief conclusion. So, you must trace your thought process accordingly and place your ideas.

Write a thesis statement

This one is a crucial one from the tips to write an essay effectively. Most students aren’t aware that they’re entitled to write a thesis statement before submitting their essays. This is a written account of the purpose and objectives of your essay. Like during the treasure hunt, you need to have a written account of how you procured the treasure for others to follow. Similarly, the thesis statement will help your reader to follow your essay.

Add Quotes, Phrases, and Famous Sayings, etc

To untangle the strands of the treasure hunt and proceed towards the target, one must add points that make the path clearer and thrilling. Similarly, adding quotes, phrases, and famous sayings make the essay more interesting for the readers. Also, make use of a figure of speech such as simile, metaphor, personification, and Imagery for a lucrative essay.

Tie conclusion to the introduction

After striving for some time, finally, the moment has come to give the final shot in the hunt of treasure. The concluding step is always the ‘make or break element.’ That is, if you play it smart and hit the right road, you’ll achieve your target. Similarly, the final point in the tips for writing an effective essay is to tie the conclusion to the introduction. In doing so, you help the reader to revise the previously stated points and then derive the final judgment.

If you follow this itinerary of writing an essay effectively, you’ll surely hunt the treasure- Your readers’ appraisal and good grades. These seven tips are a hack to get a good hold on the creative process of essay writing. Alongside these points, you must read voraciously, including books, newspapers, magazines, etc. Discuss your ideas with your classmates and practice writing every day. This will make upgrade your creative skills and present your ideas better. If you need more tips and assistance in writing an essay effectively, rely on our experts.

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