Importance of Leadership in Organizational Success

Importance of Leadership in Organizational Success

You must have heard, “For transforming the potential into reality, one must have leadership skills.” So have you ever thought about the importance of leadership? It doesn’t matter whether you are in school, college, or office; people need leaders. As leadership skills are so necessary for life today, we’ll discuss leadership’s importance, especially in organizations. 

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Before knowing the importance of leadership, we must understand the core meaning of leadership. So let’s see.

Leadership Definition: Why Importance of Leadership in Life

Leadership is the ability to influence, modify, and exercise control over others in a group. In simple words, leadership is a way of pushing people until they do what the leader wants them to do. It encourages and stimulates actions from workers by innovating them in planning and decision-making activities. Today people increasingly recognize the importance of leadership in every sphere of life. 

Leadership is essential in life because you can’t depend on others for your success. For those who want to become successful, they have to become leaders. So who is this leader/ Leader who plays an essential role in the growth of a particular group, society, or organization? The leader should maintain good interpersonal relations with the followers. His main aim is to motivate others to achieve collective objectives. 

For a better understanding of the importance of leadership, let’s learn its types.

Type of Leadership

Different styles of leadership significantly contribute to organizational development. So here are two types of leadership: 

  • Transformational Leadership: Transformational leadership is where leaders work with teams to identify if they need change. Also, they have to create a vision to guide growth through inspiration. It is a leadership style which enhances the performance of employees through a variety of mechanism. 
  • Transactional Leadership: Transactional leadership style focus on supervision, organization, or performance. It involves motivating and directing followers by appealing to their self-interest. 

After understanding leadership and its style, in brief, let’s know the importance of leadership in organizations. 

Significance or Importance of Leadership in Organization Development

Indeed leadership is necessary for the development of an organization. No organization can work without leaders. Leadership is an essential function of management, which helps to enhance productivity and achieve organizational goals. Thus the importance of leadership in an organization cannot be denied due to the following reasons: 

Initiates Action

Leadership stat even before the work starts. Since leaders are the one who strategizes policies and organizational goals, he has to push others to achieve those goals. A leader has to establish personal relationships with followers and fulfill their needs so that they can meet the objective. 

Building Working Envrioment

A good leader hears the problems of the subordinates and tries to solve them. In case of disagreement, he has to persuade them for the benefit of all. Thus a leader should have a better communication style so that he can convince others with suitable clarifications. He should know how to present his views in front of others. 

Motive Power to Group Effects

Since group efforts and teamwork are essential for realizing organizational goals, leadership is vital for executing work. Through the exercise of leadership, one can influence any group of human work accomplishments. Thus an organization needs leadership to reach a higher level of performance through its work. 

Motivate Employees

Working all day long makes people tedious. Also, sitting at the same table and doing regular work is not what everyone can do. Thus the organization needs a person who can motivate people for what they are doing. Show them the vision of the company, like why they are doing the work. Thus for those reasons, the importance of leadership cannot be denied in organizations. 

Providing Guidance

Indeed employees need the motivation to complete their day-to-day tasks. But what if they got some issue? What if they stuck in some work? Thus the leader must know how to guide his followers. Also, to gain success as a team or individual, followers need to follow their leaders. A leader instructs his subordinates on performing work effectively so that their efforts don’t get wasted. 

Confidence Building 

A leader shares his vision with the followers so that they can understand what they can do. Leadership requires people to encourages their followers for what they are doing. Praise them for good deeds and guides them to achieve the common goals. The one who understands the importance of leadership understands the importance of encouraging others. 

The success of an organization attributes with leaders. But one must not forget the followers who contribute to achieving those goals collectively. Through the above points, one can understand the importance of leadership in organizational development. Besides this, if you have any queries or need more help, you can directly reach our experts by getting management assignment help from us.

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