COVID-19 How to Write an Essay Format & Tips (1)

COVID19: How to Write an Essay | Format & Tips

Our lives are transforming due to coronavirus. As we all know, schools are shutting down, we are self-quarantine in our homes, and the future seems uncertain. What should we do to change our mental state from the pandemic? For one, we should write something, not only an essay but anything we are good at. But what if someone wants to write an essay to depict his feelings? Thus here are some tips on how to write an essay. Tell the world your story of quarantine or how you are fighting back with COVID-19.

Since writing is a mental exercise, so it can become a medium to express your joys, fear, and hopes. Moreover, if schools are closing down, that doesn’t mean learning has stopped. Writing an essay can help you in sharing what is going on in your life and new ideas. Now some students will be confused about how to write an essay? Here you will get all the answers related to the question.

Steps to Write an Effective Essay

Following the below-mentioned process, the way is the easiest way to write an essay.

Pick a Topic

You can pick any random topic or anything assigned to you. Choose a topic related to the type of essay. It can be a general overview or specific analysis. But make sure you have all the essential information related to the topic.

Outline Figures

Using figures is the best way to organize your thoughts, although this step is not mandatory. Whatever ideas are there in your head, draw them. Picture the scenario that you want to depict through your essay and create it. Also, don’t forget to mention the title at the top of the page.


Write a brief introduction to the topic that you choose. It should begin with catchy words. Thereby you can start with the introduction with some quotes or questions. Moreover, the introduction should give a precise background to your topic.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the main idea of the essay. Besides this, it sets limits to your content and helps in organizing it. It works like a navigator in the formation of the essay since it supports main your idea.  


The body is the central part of your essay. Each point in the essay represents your primary thoughts. If you are confused about how to write an essay, then first focus on essential ideas that you want to depict through the essay. Besides this, all the points should be supported by details and facts. You can also include some points from your experience and research. Yet remember all the information should be well organized in paragraphs.


The conclusion must contain all the essential points of the essay. It should be precise and must resolve all the questions with which you started the essay. Apart from this, make sure that there is no new thought emerging in conclusion.


A well-informed essay must have in-text citations or references. There are two popular styles of referencing: MLA format and APA format.

Well, it seems like there are many steps that you have to follow to write an effective essay. So here are some tips that will help you to remember these points.

Tips on How to Write an Essay

The below mentioned are some tips about how to write an essay.

Choose the Type of Your Essay

The first tip about how to write an essay is to choose a perfect style for your essay. There are four main types of essay: Narrative, persuasive, expository, and descriptive. Knowing what kind of essay you want to write will help you in deciding a perfect topic. Also, structure your essay in the best possible way.

Creative Ideas

You cannot write anything if you don’t have any idea in mind. So you should write down the random thoughts that you are having in mind. Once you have a list variety of topics, it will be easy to narrow down the topic. Besides this, you can quickly answer the question you mentioned at the beginning.

Develop the Thesis

Developing a thesis will help in depicting the main points of the essay. Use the statement as the basic premise in the entire essay. Also, you can begin the introduction of the essay with the thesis statement. But it should not be broad that cannot be thorough.

Check the Spelling and Grammar

After completing the whole essay, give a thorough reading to it. Check for spellings, grammar, and punctuation errors. Furthermore, you should check the quotation marks and references that you are using. Make sure that you use quotes with accuracy.

Thus these were some tips about how to write an essay. Hoping the blog will inspire you to write and let your creativity shout out.

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