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Benefits of Reading and Its Types | A Brief Introduction

One cannot underestimate the benefits of reading in a student’s life. Reading is not an essential mental activity but also a source of therapy for individuals. We are living in a world of 21st century surrounded by gadgets and technology. Books are the only thing which cannot be replaced. Reading for pleasure makes a big difference in a student’s life. Various studies show that students who read for pleasure perform better in academics. You will be amazed to know that there are immense benefits to reading. Reading takes you to the places that give you different kinds of feeling you might not experience otherwise. You might be sitting on a couch or a bed reading, and your reading may take you to the mixed zone altogether.

Different Types of Reading

There are four main types of reading techniques:


It is the type of reading which is read to acquire the overall viewpoint of the topic. The main aim is to gain a summary of the topic


Scanning is the reading done to obtain the main points of the topic. Special attention is paid to the introduction and conclusion.


Intensive reading is far more time consuming than skimming and scanning. It is the type of reading involved to acquire information about the given topic and study it carefully


Extensive reading consists of reading for pleasure. The benefit of reading extensively is that there is an element of fun and students enjoy such type of reading.

Benefits of Reading

The benefits of reading for our brain is like oxygen to our body. Exposing kids to books and magazines at an early age would make a child life long readers and benefit from them. Reading is not just good for entertainment but also for improving intellectual skills. Reading allows the brain to function continuously and not just become dull. Some of the benefits of reading are:

Stress reduction

Stress reduction is the primary benefit of reading. No matter how much stress or workload you have, it all slips away when reading a good story. A well-written book can transfer you to another world. Books are of various categories. One can choose a motivational novel if you are feeling low and depressed. You can choose a romantic story if you are in love. Reading depends entirely on your mood and requirement.

Develop empathy

Reading about the people who live and lived in different circumstances can make it easier to relate to you. Books are available to take us to another world and show us the realities of the people of the past and present. A book on African people can be a real eye-opener for the people living in Paris. To develop empathy towards others is the benefit of reading books.

Expand vocabulary

Reading helps you to be exposed to new words and find their meanings. Nobody can recall all the terms and know their meaning. The benefits of reading involve a person to understand where the words will fit into sentences. Keeping a dictionary with yourself while reading a book would build a strong vocabulary. It would be useful in prospects.

Improves memory

Improving memory amongst individuals is one of the benefits of reading. Reading is an activity that keeps the brain active. It can preserve memory in old age and prevent Alzheimer’s. This type of disease causes memory problems.

Source of learning

The reading benefits of learning new things. Whenever you read, you gain some knowledge. Whether you read fictional or educational novels, you will learn something new. Gaining experience will make you confident as well updated all the time.

Decreasing depression symptoms

Reading a motivational or a self-help book would reduce depressive thoughts. Reading a good book can ward off the negative thoughts and induce positivity amongst individuals. Depression is commonly seen amongst the students. There is a need to address these issues as well as ask them to read good books. Reducing depression is an essential benefit of reading.

Source of entertainment

The most popular benefit of text is that it is a source of entertainment. Reading is not just for knowledge but also for entertainment. Every book is unique, which takes you to different places.

Reading is an essential activity in the life of an individual. The first thing that children are taught in school is to read. The benefits of reading are infinite, which shows how essential is reading in an individual’s life. Reading involves no age bar. Therefore, parents should encourage their children to read to become better individuals.

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