Technology in education boon or bane

Technology in Education: Boon or Bane?

“Education is the only business still debating the usefulness of technology” –Rod Paige

Recently, technology is penetrating in every sphere of our lives. Similarly, students use technology in education. The world is dependent on technology, and the education sector is one of them. So to move with the speed of the world, one must keep themself updated with technology. Now the question arises- Is technology a boon or bane for education?  Here we will discuss this.

There are several gadgets that students use to assemble their daily assignments and projects. Not only students but teachers, government organizations, schools, and private organizations also have a say in how technology is transforming education. Various applications are beneficial for students as they can search for any topic anywhere or anytime. Technology, in its various forms, will attract the educator; that is why it is essential to analyze the use of technology in education.

What is technology?

Before hopping to the boon or bane of technology in education, we must understand what technology is. Technology is a branch of knowledge that deals with science and engineering. In simple words, technology is a way to solve problems with various resources or tools. Suppose if a farmer has to grow crops quickly and effectively, he will use tools that will benefit him. Similarly, the technology is there for students to do smart work.

“All of the books in the world contain no more information than is broadcast as video in a single large American city in a single year. Not all bits have equal value.”–Carl Sagan

Is technology making education fun?

If we are using e-notebooks instead of textbooks, then technology is not adding anything new in our lives. It is just that our medium of information has been changed, but it is not adding anything new in education. We can get similar information from textbooks without harming our eyes. But if a child is using various technical equipment like smart boards, projectors, and watching educational videos on smartphones, then technology is helpful in this context.

Machine learning is creating philosophical shifts in approaches of students as well as teachers and therefore remodeling the classrooms. The impact of technology on schools is quite significant. The widespread adoption of technology has changed the way, not only of learning but also of teaching. Teachers are also using advanced tools to teach the students, and the use of technology in classrooms makes learning fun. Lessons that students find annoying can be made more exciting with virtual experiences with compelling sounds. Hence, we can say technology is helping in making education fun.

Technology is a boon for education

Following are some reasons which we can claim that technology is a boon:

Technology increases the interest of students in learning

Many teachers believe that using technology in the classroom helps in preparing students for the digital future. Students prefer learning with technology because they think it makes learning more fun and exciting. That is why teachers have to put less effort into conveying their thoughts to students. The use of digital tools has become a skill in this 21st century, and teachers believe that it is the need of the hour to be successful.

Digital learning is inexpensive

Attending online courses at any university or school is generally cheaper than going to school or college. In addition to this, it saves traveling expenses. It does not include living expenses and the cost of books. Due to the help of technology, a student can learn even without papers. You do not need to buy costly references as we can study in gadgets. All you have to do is download the portable document format (PDF) of the books.

Technology in education saves time

The availability of technology tools in classrooms saves a lot of time. You can learn anything they want with just one click. You are independent to learn anytime you want and anywhere you want. As technology helps in saving time, teachers have to put fewer efforts in explaining any topic. Even sometimes, they can give new knowledge.

Technology helps in the confidence-building of students

Students are used to hesitating to ask questions or doubts from the teacher, but through e-learning, students can ask their doubts several times on the same topics. Research shows that there is an active engagement of students in the study through online games, assignments, and discussions, which helps in boosting their confidence.

Technology is a bane

There are several debates on the use of technology. Some people believe that technology in education can be harmful to students. Here are some reasons for that:

Students lose their creativity because of technology

Technology is turning efficient learners into inefficient learners. Most of the lessons are available on the internet, which makes them ineffective in classrooms. When students use the internet for their projects and assignments, they become lethargic. Students’ use of technology should be limited to save their creativity.

Students can be misguided by wrong information

Most of the websites on the internet provide false information, so students must have professional learning instead of digital learning to avoid errors in education. In addition to this, they must check the authenticity of websites and digital tools from which they are learning.

Technology creates more distraction in concentration

In this era of various social sites, it is difficult for students to concentrate on studies while learning from the internet. They create enough room for chatting. But if a student gains through books, such a situation would not arise. So using e-books is not a good idea.

Technology in education makes the user unaware of the real world

Nowadays, not only students but teachers are also affected by technology. Teachers are busier in teaching online that they have forgotten to put equal efforts on physical classrooms. As students are more engaged in e-learning, they are unable to interact with teachers and their families, which can affect their mental health.

Hence, we can say that technology in education can be boon when used positively, but it can be a bane when used in excess. However, with the help of various technical equipment like the smart board, projectors, we can make our education system more enjoyable as well as durable too. This mechanical way can help the students to think beyond their imagination and give exposures to their innovative thoughts. There is so much software that is running in various educational institutes to provide various educational information.

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