7 Common Types of Plagiarism in Academic

7 Common Types of Plagiarism in Academic Writings

Different types of plagiarism can ruin your efforts in academic writing. So before writing assignments for your college or university, you must know some common types of plagiarism. But before that, check some of our posts that you might like: 

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Now let’s get started with our list of different types of plagiarism in academic writings:

Remix Plagiarism 

When the writer mixes phrases from different sources to create his content, this type of plagiarism in academic writing is Remix. Sometimes the work is presented by using someone else’s analysis without proper citation.  

Complete/Clone Plagiarism

Clone plagiarism is the most common type of plagiarism that academic writers have to face while writing a dissertation or research paper. Sometimes either writer copy other’s work or someone else copies their work. That is why there is much software that can detect it. 

Direct Plagiarism

It is a type of plagiarism where the writer uses other sources and copies it word to word without proper citation. Direct plagiarism is unethical, sometimes illegal, and includes expulsion. Also, It calls for academic disciplinary actions.


Self-plagiarism occurs when the author copies his own work that he has written in the past. That is why if you are copying your essay or book review, use proper citations. Otherwise, your content will have to face self-plagiarism. 

Paraphrasing Plagiarism

Since in writing academic paper you’ll paraphrase more than you quote, it is essential to know what is paraphrasing plagiarism. When you use someone else’s writing by minor editing, then this type of plagiarism occurs. Your words may differ, but the original idea of the content is the same. 

Find-replace Plagiarism

If you change a sentence written by someone else with some synonyms, then find-replace plagiarism will occur. Besides this, for this type of plagiarism, your essential content must match with the source content. 

Accidental Plagiarism 

Students often commit this type of plagiarism. As the name suggests, when you accidentally use phrases or content written by someone else without proper citations, then accidental plagiarism occurs. 

Therefore to avoid these types of plagiarism in academic writings, use proper citations. You can also get online assignment help from us as we assure plagiarism-free quality content. Besides this, to protect your content from plagiarism, use various software available in the market.