Fear of Missing Out vs fear of joy out

Fear of Missing Out vs. Joy of Missing Out

Are you up with scrolling your social media feed while in quarantine? Do you realize that keeping away your pending assignments to follow up with an Instagram live or so is getting you into a trap? Being a student, you might be stuck with online classes to attend and assignments to complete. But, the fear of missing out from the trends is turning you into an insecure person who’s peeping into the phone every now and then. This concept of fear of missing out is turning you anxious, insecure, and depressed if you’re not following up with what the world is offering. To counterattack this fear of missing out, there’s another concept of the joy of missing out. If you, too, are putting off your important work and getting involved in this illusion, here a guide on FOMO vs. JOMO that can get you going better.

Fear of Missing Out

To know what FOMO stands for, here is a definition from Oxford English Dictionaries in 2013. As per the study, the meaning of the word is, “FOMO is the uneasy and all-consuming feeling of missing out – that your peers are doing, in the know about, or in possession of more or something better than you. ”

The fear of missing out is the tendency to follow up on the trend to never miss out on any details.


Increased use of social media as one wakes up, sleeps, eats, and does other activities.


The need for attention, unhappiness in real life, and the social world of illusion give rise to FOMO.

FOMO leads to the pressure of being at all the places, to follow all the trends,  and show off your possessions.

Situation:- Skipping your homework or your football match to scroll your social media feed [NO]

So, reject FOMO

The joy of Missing Out

The Joy of missing out is the tendency to embrace the pleasure of doing or not doing something at your wish. By accepting JOMO and rejecting FOMO, you tend to accept your responsibilities better. The joy of missing out gives you a sense of belonging to what you possess in your own world. Checking out social media for getting up with the trends is okay, but leaving assignments undone and missing out on the regular tasks isn’t a great thing to do. 

So, JOMO helps you in turning to use social media to share your moments and appreciate others and follow healthy social activity.

Seek attention within, find happiness in the little things, live in the real world instead of escaping it.

JOMO is the value of being at a place in person with people who appreciate you.

Situation:- Completing the homework fast to find time for playing with the friends [YES]

Accept JOMO

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