Covid 19 List of Technical Skills To Learn

COVID 19: List of Technical Skills To Learn

With the advancement in the field of science and technology, all the renowned corporate firms are hiring tech-savvies who make things smarter. Due to tough competition in the digital space, there is far-cry for more and more technical giants. So, here is a list of technical skills that one must acquire to get settled with good employment opportunities and a space to explore more in the genre. Since Covid-10 outbroke and the whole world is in quarantine, you can make good use of your time to develop a new skill that can help you in the long run. To start with, lets first know about technical skills.

What are Technical Skills 

Due to an increase in the opportunities, people get to work not only in the office but from the comfort of their homes. During quarantine, many of the techies are earning a big sum as everything went digital. From coders to the data analyst, and marketers, there are a few technical skills that they have, which help them make money from home. Nw, what are these technical skills that make them earn big sum. These technical skills are the abilities that help perform tasks like the mechanical course, I.T., scientific, etc. For that, the individual must have a good hold on programming languages, mechanical tools, and all that relates.

What Technical Skills to Develop During Quarantine

Data Analysis

Each company these days needs employees who can collect, organize, and interpret the collected data and use it for the company’s goodwill. 

Skills You Can Develop:-

  • Algorithms
  • Calculating
  • Datamining
  • Database design 
  • Documentation 
  • Modification
  • Modeling

Coding or Programing 

In the age of advancement of technology, there is a dire need of coders or programmers with keen technical skills. So, have a good hold on the programming languages to make it to a good spot.

Skills You Can Develop:-

  • Applications
  • Hardware
  • Implementation 
  • Languages
  • Maintenance
  • Programming
  • Security
  • Technology

Project Management

Be it any job role that you have in hand, project management is a skill that applies in all. This soft skill helps in project planning, management, and timely completion of all the tasks. 

Skills You Can Develop:-

  • Benchmarking 
  • Engineering
  • Scheduling
  • Task management 
  • Operations
  • Budget planning 

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

During lockdown as well, there’s one field that remains stable, and that is D.M. and SMO. If you want to generate high leads and earn a big sum, develop the required skills now. 

Skills You Can Develop:-

  • Content Management Systems
  • Digital Photography 
  • Networking
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Web Analytics