Importance of Arts in Education Infographics

Importance of Arts in Education

Art in education is equally important as academics in education. Art is referred to be as the application of human creative skills and imagination. Nowadays, art is gradually losing its importance in a school curriculum. It is due to the increasing competition in academics to score high and perform well. But art has its place in education. Its importance cannot be undermined.

The types of art kept changing from the earlier d, but its meaning and application remained the same. The purpose of art is to communicate ideas through artwork. The colors and textures on the artwork also help to depict the mood of the artist. Art in education is a necessity to improve skills in students that are:

1. Creativity:

Art in education is a necessity to bring out the creativity of students. Creativity and uniqueness are always valued. The kids are allowed to express themselves in the arts which are necessary to discover themselves.

2. Motor skills:

Motor skills amongst students are improved through arts. In early-stage students are given clay to play and make shapes. Before making alphabets, students are allowed to scribble. Through these motor skills are improved.

3. Focus and concentration:

Art is a key to develop focus and concentration power of students. Focus is a vital part of education, as well. Without proper attention, a student cannot perform well in academics.

4. Confidence:

Being able to perform well in arts increases the confidence of students. Confidence is necessary, especially for an introvert child. Art is a medium in education to give introvert students to express themselves and improve their confidence.

5. Decision making

Art is a key to strengthen the problem-solving and critical skills of the students. A student has to decide the combination of colors to chose, things to use in their art, which makes a student better in decision making.

6. Collaboration:

Art of various types such as band, choir, etc. is required a reasonable team effort and cooperation. Students learn to work in groups and manage to improve their teamwork skills.

7. Academic performance:

It is wrong to say that art is not required in education. Performance in arts is directly related to academic performance in class. Those students who perform in well in arts also perform well in academics due to the improved concentration power and motor skills

8. Visual learning:

Drawing, painting requires visual focus. A student at an early stage sees the objects around and draws or paints them. The imagination power of students is not developed at an initial stage. So art is a medium through which student’s visual learning is improved.

Therefore, art in education is required to improve various skills of the students and the same is reflected in their academic performance as well.

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