Deliverance Infographics

Deliverance Infographics

“Sometimes you have to lose yourself before you can find anything.&quot”

About the Author

James Dickey (February 2, 1923 – January 19, 1997)
James Lafayette Dickey was born in America and later got a name as a novelist and poet. He got honored with many awards, such as Order of the South Award and United States Poet Laureate as well. He gave time to write Deliverance in 1970.

About the Novel

Four businessmen take a canoeing trip down a wild backwoods Georgia river that will soon disappear
behind a dam. They are of varying levels of toughness and ability, from macho Reynolds down to soft and chunky Ned Beatty, with Voight somewhere in between. Ronny Cox faces off on guitar with a Mongoloid banjo player for the hit theme tune, " Dueling Banjos." Facing the river and threatening hill people, the men are tested to their limits … and beyond. Based on the novel by poet James Dickey and directed by John Boorman, this 1972 film was a shocker for its time.

Genre :

Adventure | Drama | Thriller

Tone :


Setting :

Georgia wilderness in 1970

Main Characters in the novel :

Ed Gentry:

The vice president of his advertising firm

Lewis Medlock:

A survivalist who earns his living managing rental property.

Bobby Trippe:

An incompetent, annoying insurance salesman

Drew Ballinger:

A bluegrass guitarist and soft-drink company executive

Famous Quotes of Deliverance

Squeal like a pig!
“The body is the one thing you can’t fake; it’s just got to be there.”
“I opened my eyes and saw the dark in all its original color.”

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