What are the Effects of Social Media on Teens Pros and Cons

What are the Effects of Social Media on Teens? | Pros and Cons

We live in times where the effects of social media are visible in every corner of life. Nowadays, teens spend more time on social media than playing in a playground or indulging in activities. The most common social media platforms used by teens are Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Welcoming digital technology as a way of life is essential. Times are changing, so we need to move and adapt to this new change. The social media effects are more on teens rather than any other age group.

 According to a survey, 97% of teens use social media, while 45% are almost online frequently. The statistics set an alarming bell for parents, but high social media usage doesn’t have to be bad news. When used rightly, social media makes it the best place for collaborative learning, meaningful connections, etc. The teenage period is a difficult period of life. It’s the crucial age where one cannot be called a child and can’t be called an adult. Social media is a medium where teens can spread their wings. Some teens use social media as an expression of their emotions, creativity, and thoughts. Platforms like YouTube and other vlogging platforms play a crucial role in the lives of teens. Social media has both positive and negative profound effects on teenagers. Let’s take a closer look at both of them.

Positive Effects of Social Media

Some of the positive effects of social media are given below.

  1. Teenagers are more informed nowadays.

Social media is available all day, every day. The unparalleled access to the school, state, country news, etc., is overwhelming all in the right way. Children should be motivated to expand their knowledge of current affairs and environmental issues. With everything updated on social media, children have more access to knowledge. 

  1. Research has become easier

Social media isn’t just for being social with friends but also to connect and learn together. Researching is one of the positive effects of social media on teens. Group discussions across the town can happen quickly with just a click of a button. It makes completing homework and studying more efficient. Posting questions on social media ensures better learning of children.

  1. Boost Self-esteem

Teenage years are confusing and not comfortable. Social media is a safe place where teens can join like-minded groups to discuss their issues. There are also positive pages to follow who inspire them and make them feel like they fit-in. So if they feel safe on social media groups with people who get them, then it’s a positive thing.

  1. Invisibility of Disability

Teenagers with disabilities don’t get the confidence to communicate with their peers. Usually, it is due to ignorance on the part of other kids. But the effects of social media can make a huge difference. The computer screen provides a safe place to hide, and they can do anything that their peers can do without any issue. Most importantly, the sense of belonging is influential on social media.

  1. Keeping up with the Trends

Teenagers, while using social media, are more prone to keep up with the changing trends. They have an opportunity to adapt to the latest trends and stay informed about them. It makes a person more aware of their surroundings and making well-thought choices.

Adverse Effects of Social Media

We cannot overlook the adverse effects of social media on teens. Let’s understand it closely.

  1. Cyber-bullying and Imposter Syndrome

Cyber-bullying takes a toll on children and is the most harmful effect of social media. Computer screens act as a shield, and kids can write anything on them without thinking of the hurt they might cause others. Peer acceptance is a big thing, so commenting nasty things about each other can severely impact teen’s mental health. It might lead to a lack of self-esteem and self-doubt among teenagers.

  1. Stalking and feeling of Ignorance

Everyone wants to be loved. Phones come in handy to connect to our loved ones easily. Effects of social media are seen in relationships also. Partners associated through social media, at some point, have nothing to talk about. Late or no replies can further lead to a sense of being ignored. And stalking a person to know about them has become common nowadays.

  1. Destruction of Social Skills

Spending considerable time on social media can lead to a lack of social skills among kids. It is mostly seen that teens who are extroverts on social media are primarily shy in person. The screen gives an anonymous identity to them and provides them with the confidence they do not have otherwise.

  1. Open Information

Too much information online can put teens in danger. The anonymity of the screen allows anyone to take advantage of an individual’s innocence. Moreover, the display of personal information on social media makes a person more prone to trolling or hate otherwise.


Balancing is the way of life, and education is the key to balance things. Parents should educate their children about the effects of social media. It will lead to the enrichment of learning among children. Social media, if used correctly, can make a child all-rounder and a confident person in life.

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