How to foster student-teacher relationship for better learning

How to Foster Student-teacher Relationship for Better Learning?

Since we all know that after family, school and teachers are primary agents of learning for students. The child spends most of their time in school with teachers and their peers. For that, the relationship between students and teachers should be positive and helpful.

Teachers who foster a positive relationship with their students are most likely to bring a change in student’s attitudes. But, a student not only develops mind skills in school but also their emotional, physical, psychological, and social skills. Factors such as classroom discussions, teaching methodologies, teacher credibility, and classroom behavior set a platform for students. It encourages them to grow personally as well as academically.

Signs of a positive student-teacher relationship

Various signs are noticeable in a positive relationship between students and teachers. Few of them listed below:

Treating students with respect

A student is said to be a miniature adult who, with some guidance, can guide their learning. Students, especially during late childhood have varied images in the classroom. Treating students with respect would be an advantage for a positive change among learners. We always expect students to be respectful of their teachers. But respect, when reciprocated and given to students, would boost their self-esteem and willingness to learn.

An open learning environment

Building a free safe learning environment is necessary where student’s doubts are valued. Instead of scolding them for their views is a vital sign to state the positive student-teacher relationship. Students should have that much confidence that they can ask questions with their teachers without 

Communication is the key

Communication is a vital element of a secure connection. A teacher can understand the needs and problems of their students through conversation with pupils. And only then will they be able to make changes in their teaching methods. 


Favorable positive outcome among students is possible when they are e. Creating favorites is not a sign of a positive student-teacher relationship. Be it access to technology or opportunities, equality should be the major priority for teachers. Creating favoritism and biasedness would only discourage a student’s willingness for positive development.

Why is it important?

A healthy relationship is beneficial for the improvement of students at all levels. Be its academic growth, personal growth, or overall development. Its importance cannot be overlooked; a few of them are:

1. Promote academic success

A healthy student-teacher relationship is necessary for the academic achievement of students. It is observed that students who have a strong bond with their teachers perform better than those who are at conflict. Academic success is only possible when a student has intrinsic as well as extrinsic motivation.

2. Improving student’s behavior

Teachers are capable of influencing students’ behavior and bring about a change in their attitude. It is observed that students who usually don’t often listen to their parents at home, sincerely obey their teachers. Teachers have a significant effect in bringing about positive change in students and can make them a good human being.

3. Developing self-worth

Inclusion is the key to provide an opportunity for the growth of all students. It is beneficial for students facing learning difficulties or having low economic status. Efficient teachers build a strong relationship with the students and develop self-worth among them.

4.Professional growth

Outside school gate, lie a fast running competitive world. One has to be proficient in vocational skills to be able to compete for your dream job. Skills required for the job involve communication, time-management, proper planning, etc. A teacher can make a student capable enough for professional growth in life.

The building of a student-teacher relationship takes time and effort, but it is beneficial for both, and its importance is great.



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