How to Become a Better Writer

How to Become a Better Writer?

Communication skills are essential, but what if your grammar is not entirely sufficient. Suppose you have to write an e-mail or message to one of your friends, who is far away from you. Imagine being a student, you have to write many articles, essays, letters, and reports, which makes writing skills necessary. Writing has a dangerous effect on a lot of people. No matter what format you are writing, it has to be clear and concise.

Learning writing skills is one of the terrible experiences of a student’s life, but it is also an essential skill. If students don’t learn the art of writing in the early stages, they will undoubtedly face problems later.

The ability to write meaningful sentences and paragraphs which a reader can easily understand is the best way of writing.  It is an essential element of communication. The writing skills enable you to communicate with correctness, precision, and accuracy. Anybody can improve their writing skills with a little discipline and willingness to learn.

Importance of Writing Skills in a Student’s Life

Writing is not only necessary in school life; it goes beyond that. Even digital technology is the need of an hour for writing. Be it emails, reports, or anything else, these require excellent writing skills. The clearer the communication, the higher the chances of great success.

Moreover, it also makes a person think better. Learning writing skills form a student more capable of analyzing what they interpret and think. Writing skills are essential in many ways, such as:

  • It gives the ability to explain. One can briefly explain anything in his/her words, which is essential to educate oneself.
  • Students who start learning writing skills in the early stages achieve higher academic success, improving professional skills as well.
  • Writing is all about conveying a point that is significant to other people. Writing abilities improvise knowledge and brain to the verge of value.
  • The writing abilities make you focused, conscious, and more intelligent. Writing also helps in improving personality.
  • While writing, a human brain uses every part of the brain and its cells, which will ultimately increase awareness, make you sharp, improve memory, and increase your imagination and creativity.

Tips to Become a Better Writer

Writing skills are not going to improve by magic. There are no supernatural or mystical powers that will make you a good writer. There are a handful of ways that can help you become a better writer. To get started, below is the list of tips to become a better writer:

Write and Read every day

Read every day to increase your knowledge about writing and topics related to writing. Pay attention to the way of writing, and how things are presented, this will help you in writing. Apart from reading, write every day. No matter what it is, personal stuff, paragraphs, social issues, or articles write in your own words and try to convey your thoughts quickly. Set a time for writing each day, even for only 15 minutes, it will improve your writing skills.

Revise Your Work 

Revise your write-ups daily for improving mistakes and errors. After completing, proofread your content, and ask others to read it, ask them to give feedback, which will help you in developing practical writing skills.

Learn New Words

Learn some new words every day to broaden your perspective and expressing your views better. It is not essential to use this word in your next write-up. Know everything about the word and use it when necessary.

Think about the Audience

While writing, think about the audience who is going to read it. Sometimes, you have to write informally, but some topics have to be written informally. Try to learn the convey tone in the form of words and make sure that the audience doesn’t feel disrespected.

Always Make Sure You Address People Correctly

Make sure that you address people correctly and don’t insult them unknowingly. If you are not sure how to convey your ideas and how to address someone, try to avoid it. Avoid accidentally disrespecting someone by cross-checking names, titles, and personal pronouns.

Avoid Using “Very”

If you want your writing to be more productive, avoid using ‘very’ because it weakens your topic. Try to write other sufficient adjectives in the place of ‘very.’

Study Commonly Used Words and Phrases

Study the words and phrases and never get them wrong because it will make the content less readable. There are a lot of misused words, sentences, and phrases that you must know. If you don’t understand the right words and phrases, do a Google Search.

Emulate Writers, You Admire

Emulate is a whole different thing from plagiarism. Never copy other’s work in your writings. You have read several blogs, and there are some particular blogs that you read often. Find out what you most like in the blog and the article. Try to copy the style of the writer to improve your writing skills, without compromising with your unique style. Never try to duplicate the content, copy the style and tone of the author.

Write and Edit at Different Times

When you are writing, don’t worry about the grammatical and other errors encountered while writing. When you write, focus on the content. Getting stuff out of your mind onto the page is quite tricky. When you finish writing, take some rest and then edit your content.

Done is Better than Perfect

Remember, you can’t be perfect in a shorter span of  time. Do your work, proofread and edit it. After some time, you will find a significant change in your writing skills. Getting work done is better than perfect.

Above are the best tips to become a better writer, and these tips will help you in your writing skills. If you adopt these habits in your routine, you will surely become a better writer.

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