5 Funny Classroom Games to Learn Math

5 Funny Classroom Games to Learn Math

After so much of online learning during coronavirus pandemic, it would be hard for us to learn in those boring classrooms. May be for 1-2 days we’ll be excited by meeting our friends, but after a week we’ll all miss our comfortable homeschooling. Thus here are some funny classroom games that all of us should try to make our learning better.

Although in a world full of stress, we must find some ways to learn in a carefree way. The aim of our education process should not just learn and give exams like Robots. However, the objective should be to learn concepts forever so that we can use them in real life. Talking about math, it is the most challenging subject, that is why many of us find it annoying. So why not transform it into fun learning. Thus we will discuss five funny classroom games to learn math. But first, we must know why we should involve games in our education. Not particularly in math but in all subjects games can help a lot. Let us see how.

Why There Should Be Funny Classroom Games?

We know that learning is a serious business. But that doesn’t mean that students can’t learn while having fun. Even we must ensure that whatever we learn makes us excited to learn even more. So whatever we learn, we must love it. Let’s discuss the reasons for why we should have funny classroom games:

  • Games work as motivational aids:

According to New York University, games encourage students to be motivated and confident about their skills. Fun learning eventually leads them to progress.

  • Thinking out of the box:

As games are engaging, students will put extra effort into learning the concept. Thus funny classroom games will help students to think out of the box.

  • Variety of skills:

Learning through fun measures, students will not learn only the subject but also a variety of skills like leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship.

Thus these were some reasons why we should add funny classroom games in our life. So let’s see what these fun games that you can enjoy in the classroom to learn math are.

5 Funny Classroom Games for Making Math Learning Fun

Are you having trouble while understanding mathematical concepts? Try to learn through fun games in the classrooms. Playing games related to math can engage us more in the calculation. So here are five funny classroom games for making math learning fun:

Around the Block

It is a funny mind-activity. All you need is a ball to practice this math activity. First, put all the questions that come to your mind related to math. Then stand in a circle and finally give the ball to each other like passing the pass, in the clockwise direction. While giving the ball to each other, read questions aloud from the list. The one who started it will have to answer the question before receiving it again. If he gives the wrong answer, then pass the ball. Besides this, if he gives the correct answer, then he can choose whoever will be the next contestant.

Math Baseball

Divide into two teams to enjoy this game. One of the two teams will start batting. Also, this team has to score runs by choosing questions worth one, two, and three bases. One of the people will pitch questions depending on the difficulty of the bases. If the batting team’s answer is incorrect, then the other team can answer to score an extra point. After three outs, the teams will switch sides. Play until one of the teams score 10.

Bouncing Sums

Bouncing sums is another funny classroom game that you must try. Since this activity gives you a chance to move around the class, it is really fun. To play this game, you must have a marker to put decimals, integers, or fractions on a beach ball. Hand the ball to one of your friends who’ll read labels aloud on the ball by touching thumbs. That kid will toss the ball to any of you and so on. Each of you has to read the number on the label by adding, multiplying, or dividing the number that your friend has just stated.  

Facts Race

For this funny classroom game, you guys have to divide into two teams at the back of the classroom. Also, post a grid sheet for each group at the front. One student will have to run to the grid and write an answer to the grid. For example, to multiply the number suppose 6. The student will have to write it where the second row and third column meet. After this, another student of the same team will come and repeat the activity. Thus the game will go on until one of the team fills all of its grid in the sheet.

Math Bingo

Math will become fun when you try math bingo. For starting this game, you have to create bingo cards that would contain answers of different multiplication tables. Then distribute these cards among yourselves. Also, make sure you guys have separate sheets for calculations. Now instead of saying number aloud, like we used to do in normal bingo, say equations, for example— 3×4. Determining the product, you have to check if the number is there on your card or not. Whoever crosses all the numbers first, will win the game.

Thus these were some fun games that you must try to make math learning fun in the classroom. Also, if you are finding other subjects boring or difficult, then you must take the math assignment help from our experts. Feel free to take our assistance anytime. 

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