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Attempt #daysTime/Duration (days) Factoring in engagement/productivityEngagement/productivity factor =Ideal second attempt time (100% engagement/productivity) =Ideal first attempt time (100% engagement/productivity) =Learning percentage = Now, let's assess what might have been the situation if Talia felt harrassed on the job, was unhappy, and was entertaining thoughts of quitting her position and joining another company. As a result, over the past several months, she has had challenges focusing on and devoting her full energy to her work, and her engagement/productivity factor fell to about 70% (prior to her first Task A attempt) and has stayed at that level since then. Under this scenario, how long will she take this time around (on her fifth attempt)?Talia is working on a Task A which is on a project's critical path. She has worked on Task A for other projects in the past and this is the fifth time she is working on Task A. AssumeTalia is (and always has been) very highly motivated (engagement/productivity factor = 100%) and that she took 12 days on her first Task A attempt and 10 days on her second Task A attempt. How long will she take this time around (on her fifth attempt)?


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