Python vs java which is best

Python Vs. Java: What is the Difference Between Them?

The hottest topic in computer science is Python vs. Java. So here is some glimpse of the differences between Python and Java. 

Speed of Python Vs. Java

Talking about the speed of Python and Java, Python is not a fast programming language. Since it converts the source code into machine language at the time of the run, it takes time. On the other side, Java is a very reliable and faster programming language as converts the source code into machine language at the time of compilation.

Code Readability and Formatting

Python offers better readability code and formatting as compared to Java since it has a syntax similar to pseudocode. Java coding, on the other side, has a low score of readability.  

Ease of Learning

When it comes to beginners, Python is the most accessible programming language. Its syntax is just like English words. Compared to Python, Java is not recommended for beginners. Although if you have experience with C++, then you will find it easy. 

Performance of Python Vs. Java

Both of these programming languages are compiled to bytecode and run in virtual machines. Thus both of them are cross-platform when it comes to performance. Python compiles the code at the run time while Java compiles them in advance. 

Game Development 

Both languages are not preferable for high-end games. However, Python is conducive to the graphics of the game or some low-programming games. Likewise, creating a high-end game in Java is difficult. But you can use some search engines to develop games on it.

Web Development

Python offers some frameworks for backend development like Django and Flask. Java also provides powerful backend frameworks like Spring to provide a massive ecosystem to the developers. 

Data Science 

Python is famous for data science since it is quite helpful to perform various operations. It collects data from multiple data sources. Compared to Python, Java is not very popular in data science. Still, a few companies use it due to its architecture and features and to build custom data warehouses. It is thus increasing demand among developers. 


The code in Python converts into bytecode. Then bytecode converts into machine code. And then, machine code is translated at the run time. On the other side, in Java, the code directly converts into machine code. That is why it is one of the precise programming languages. 

Deciding which language is better could be difficult. But if you want to make a career in machine language and A.I., then Python is the best option. Also, for web development, you should choose Java. Need any help related to these topics? Get instant Computer Science assignment help from Homework Joy’s expert or buy questions related to programming language by clicking the below link.