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What is the Purpose of Education?

The purpose of education is often misinterpreted. Education is labeled as a ticket crowned as an intelligent person. Those who are uneducated is often said as a backward and illiterate person. Education is the art and science of appreciating life. The primary purpose of education is to teach values, create responsible citizens who are fit to make the right choices in life. Education but nowadays is measured by CGPA score, mark sheet, and how right a person is at rote memory. If the education system measures knowledge in terms of higher ratings and grades, then we are heading in the wrong direction. 

An individual with high scores in academics but lower moral values is not said to be an educated person. Education is one of the essential paths leading towards success and opens the door of new opportunities. But in life, value-based education is necessary. A person might be successful with the help of good scores but would still be called uneducated if their morality is not in the right place.

Aims of Education

The real purpose of education needs to highlight and should explain to the children. The education system nowadays has certain defects which need to be addressed. It could be done by reducing the gap between academic education and value education.

Specific purposes of education are as follows:

1. Thinking out of the Box

Education allows an individual to think out of the box. Your unique thinking can measure a good education. The purpose of education is to be able to make an individual creative and independent thinker. Creative thinking comes from those who think beyond the subject matter. It develops through education and your uniqueness. Nowadays, creativity is hugely valued and appreciated.

2. Responsible Citizens

Education creates an accountable citizen who is stable minded. It allows an individual to make correct choices in life. Various situations come in life where a person has to make choices between right and wrong. Education is a tool to make an individual be able to make the right choice. The purpose of education is to create an individual aware of their surroundings.

 3. Develop Life Skills

Life skills refer to the skills required to deal with real-life problems. Life skills like problem-solving, decision making, critical thinking, and social responsibility all come under the umbrella term of life skills.

4. Behavior Modification

Behavior modification refers to the methods and techniques through which a particular type of behavior increases or decreases. The purpose of education is to modify the behavior of an individual. Parents use to teach their children what is right and wrong. An action can be modified through proper conditioning and reinforcement. Punishment leads to a decrease in a particular type of behavior. Whereas positive reinforcement leads to an increase in a specific response.

5. Self Confidence 

Confidence can bring about accomplishment in your career as well as personality. But not all people are born with a sense of self-confidence. Under confident people tend to doubt themselves. The purpose of education is to develop confidence among students. Initiating students to take part in activities, providing the opportunity to display their talent and public speaking are some of the things that school and education providers. It offers an opportunity for a person to grow.

6. Make Choices

One cannot make choices easily, especially when we have unlimited wants. To make wise decisions is the purpose of education. Education is a medium through which a person can make correct choices, which can also affect their future lives. Decision making improves a person’s motivation as their right choices would lead to a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

7. Awareness of the World

The purpose of education is to make an individual aware of the surroundings. An unaware person would only make bad choices and unaccomplished in the future. Awareness involves your right and duties towards the country, empathy towards the needy, and knowledge for being able to take the correct decision in life.

8. Overall Personality Development

Personality is a combination of characteristics and qualities that forms an individual character. Personality is not inborn, but a result of education. People learn ethics through training. A personality of a person can be judged the way they talk, sit, greet, behave, etc.

The purpose of education is to make an individual efficient and well prepared for prospects.

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