Types of Writing Styles Overview About Writing

Types of Writing Styles: About Writing | Overview

Do you have a thing for letters? Well, love letters that most people of this generation have forgotten was a source of communication between the lovers. Various types of writing are being used all over the world since the evolution of humankind. Before knowing the different types of writing, let us know what is writing.

Writing is a medium of communication that involves the usage of language with symbols. People at earlier times used to draw on caves and write on manuscripts. Through such types of writing, we get to know about the life of our ancestors. Writing as a source of communication is the most useful source to record the information and to make it permanent. All the promise agreement or official document files on paper.

What are the Types of Writing?

Writing is everywhere in the world. It can take various forms depending upon what a writer wants to create. If you are a student, you will likely write essays. If you are an employee, you would be writing letters and reports. There are various types of writing, and each one has its importance and guidelines. Let us get to know the types of writing:


It is a type of writing which is a personal account of a person’s life and is written by the same person. Writing an autobiography is a fantastic experience. Autobiography is also written like a personal memoir. Before writing an autobiography, try to start with writing a diary. In this way, you’ll know how excellent are your writing skills and how well you can express your feelings in written form.

Book reviews

Book reviews play an essential role in the life of writers. Reviews are a type of writing which means to look at something critically and to introspect the same. A useful book review can change the life of writers leading to more publicity of books and sales. A bad review can also change the future of the books leading to receive fewer sales and pulled out of the book stores.

Character sketches

Character sketches are of two different types. It involves the creation of character using questions and answers for your own creative writing. The academic assignments also include creating a sketch of another author’s personality. It’s a good idea to create a character sketch when writing creative writing.


Descriptions refer to the written representations of a person, event, or object. This piece of writing is helpful in both fiction and non-fiction writing. Description can be of various types, including job description, event description, etc.


Diary is a form of writing which gives details of what happened during the day. It includes who you saw, what you did, where you went etc. You can use diary notes for your autobiography. Writing a diary is often said to be similar to writing journals. The difference is that diaries tend to focus on what? Who? When? Where?

Whereas journals tend to give details on Why? Both are extremely helpful in creating an autobiography.


An essay refers to a type of writing representing one’s side of argument, experiences, or stories. It is a personalized document that is either formal or informal. Formal essays deal with serious topics and are generally academic. Before writing an essay, you need to identify the type of essay you want to write.


A letter is a document consisting of a written message that can print or handwritten. It is usually sent via mail or post in an envelope. Any such type of writing dispatched via post is a letter. Due to the advent of e-mails as a form of communication, the art of how to write a letter has taken a backseat. However, even today, a lot of communication takes place via letters, especially the formal ones. This is why it is essential to know the various types of letters used and how to write a letter for the same.


A journal is a kind of magazine that consists of a collection of articles published regularly throughout the year. Journal is shorter than the books and conveys about specific topics. It is the process of personal recording insights, reflections, or questions assigned to particular topics. The journal projects may include your daily experiences, assignments, or current events.

Therefore to write clearly, one needs to understand the basic system of language. There are many different styles of writing, formal to informal.

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