The Ultimate Guide to rank #1 with essay writing service

The Ultimate Guide to Rank #1 With Essay Writing Service

In academics, an essay in response to a topic contains your opinion with the evidence. There are 4 kinds of essays.

  1. Argumentative – In this type of essay. It contains viewpoints from both sides. It mainly depends upon the writer and their opinions. 
  2. Expository – In an expository essay students need to research as well as investigate a topic. Also, students require to present a point of view about the topic.
  3. Descriptive – Descriptive essays are popular among students. In this type of essay, students have to describe the given topic.
  4. Narrative – Narrative essays are similar to story writing. Students get a chance to describe their personal experiences in a formal format.

Nowadays students have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. And, a lot of hard work and time needs to spend on essays to achieve the desired grades in college. Some students are able to work under pressure. Yet, some students prefer to use online essay writing services for extra help. 

Students opting for an online writing service can focus more on other activities. If you are someone who has limited time and other work. Yet, wants to achieve good grades in essays, we suggest students to hiring an online essay writer. For a good essay, you can follow the following points

Overall structure

Every student needs to write a professional essay in their academic life. Yet, many students fail to get high scores due to incorrect formatting. The structure of a good essay must be organized with an introduction followed by the main content and then a conclusion at the end. 

The introduction should be intrusting and engaging with the audience. The thesis statement: (states what the writer will support) should be clear.

The main body should consist of 2-3 Paragraphs with well developed content.  The conclusion at the end of the essay should have an overall summary of the content written in the main body. So, readers have a sense of closure.

Many students face difficulty in structuring their essays. And, they choose a much easier option of hiring a professional writing service online. 

Write clearly

Clarity is the most essential for getting high scores in essays. When writing an essay, it is important to use clear words and language. The words should be formal and slang must be avoided. While writing essays you should keep the following points in mind.

  • Who is my audience?
  • Is the content relevant to my topic?
  • What is the main motive for writing?

Essay writing services help you to make the audience understand your point of view, and ideas, with supporting evidence.

Unique and professional writing

Writing a custom plagiarism free essay is most important for students to achieve desired grades. Copying content from the internet is considered cheating and often look down upon. Some universities around the globe such as Canada, Australia, and the USA have strict rules regarding this offense. 

The writer should have relevant skills such as paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is a very useful skill that can help students to create high quality essays within the deadline. Since this is the only way in which students can borrow the ideas and opinions of others.

Students have limited time in their college life and tend to copy the content without knowing the consequences. This result in low grades or even suspension. Websites such as Homework Minutes and Homework Joy provide online writing services with 0% plagiarism to help these students. 

Logical Order 

The logical flow of the essay means the chronological order of the content. The logical order of the essay and effective transitions work hand in hand. For example, while writing an essay if the writer logically shifts from one point to the next, it is considered quality content. Also, connecting two paragraphs together will be easier to understand compared to joining two discordant sentences.

Many students fail to achieve the logical order in essays. Since structuring an essay in chronological order enhances the overall quality. By following well defined points, you end up having a strong effective essay before subsections. It also helps the writer to 

  • Build Coherent 
  • Consistent Paragraphs.
  • Improves Quality
  • Helps Maintain Consistency

Follow The Rule Of P.O.W.E.R 


The first step in essay writing is planning the basic structure. A well planned as well as organized essay indicates your opinions and ideas in logical order. This way enables the writer to construct their thoughts and help the readers to follow for better understanding. Before starting writing an essay. The proper planning and research of the topic help to boost the scores.


There are many elements in a good essay and organizing is one of the most important of them. The content should be intrusting, but not be distracted from the topic. Organizing is one of the most vital elements of essay writing that is often overlooked by students. An organized essay is clear and effective. Your points must be in 3 categories – Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.


According to students starting an essay is the toughest part. They have to write their ideas and thoughts. Even, if it sounds naive and childish, do not be afraid to make a mess, since you are going to edit it in the next step.


The most crucial step in writing services is proof reading. You must be constructive about your work. Adding and removing elements, improving style. And, correcting grammatical errors to improve the quality of your essay.


A strong essay comes from a strong revision. You should do a final reading to make sure that your essay is error free. Revision and editing are both vital elements of the writing process. Yet, many students skip revision or don’t spend enough time on it. Many students get confused that editing and revision are the same steps. But, they need proper individual time to rank your essay.

Final thoughts

A lot goes into writing a quality essay. Fortunately, keeping these points can help students to rank their essays. The rules of writing an essay are generally undefined, the writer of the essay has the opportunity to show their creative potential. Since essay plays a major part in academic grades, students have to spend a lot of time on them. We encourage students who have time constraints and have other commitments they can choose online websites for extra help. We at Homework Joy, provide the best online essay writing services for the students. So, they can improve their grades. 

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