Stressed About Exam Preparation? It’s Easy if You Do It Smartly

Stressed About Exam Preparation? It’s Easy if You Do It Smartly

We all can agree that the most stressful period for students is the time before their exams. Many students face problems and issues in their exam preparation. While completing your academic curriculum is vital for most exams it is also essential to manage your time efficiently. It is a myth that students need to spend 10 to 14 hours per day to score high.

How to Handle Exam Day

  • Be confident about your preparation
  • Spend the first 2 minutes reading the instructions and questions
  • Plan how much time you need for one question
  • After finishing your exam, do not spend too much time going over it again 
  • Post examination; do not compare your answers with others 

Best 7 Tips for Exams Preparation

  1. Start with Baby Steps
  2. Start Studying ASAP
  3. Clean Your Study Place
  4. Take Breaks at Regular Intervals 
  5. Use Visual Elements
  6. Go Through Old Question Papers
  7. Ask for Help

1. Start with Baby Steps

Whenever you sit to study, set a small goal with a deadline. For each study session, keep track of time and what you are studying and revising later. You can write down your goals as soon as you sit with your books. Also, you can decide your goal for your next study session.

Some examples of goals you can set are as follows:

  • I will solve at least 10 questions.
  • I will revise the first 5 chapters within 60 minutes. 
  • I will learn the key concepts that were taught in the class.
  • I will memorize all the syntax in a particular programming language

The benefits of setting small goals for exam preparation are as follows:

  • Teaches Time Management
  • Increases Motivation
  • Measures Progress
  • Boosts Self Confidence

    2. Start Studying A.S.A.P

Even though exams seem like a few months away from now. But, the earlier you start preparing for your exam, the more prepared and confident you will be. Students generally put aside their preparation and get busy with their social and work life.

Learners have a tendency to wait to study till the last minute. However, starting early can be extremely beneficial for students to boost their confidence and gain their desired goals.

Not only will students be less stressed and more confident, but their exam grades are also boosted.

The benefits of starting studying early are: 

It is proven that studying in a dedicated area improves focus for long hours. We are able to focus and study at our best when we are comfortable and in a clean environment.

Make your own spot in the house, the hostel where there is plenty of light source, and fresh air. Spaces with the least distraction are the most suitable place for studying.

Research has found that studying in clean space helps to improve memory retention. 

Cleaning your desk and removing all the unnecessary items as much as possible to avoid distractions and to increase your focus. Every student has different preferences for studying. 

While some students may prefer sitting on a chair with books on the table. On the other hand, others may prefer to lie down or walk while memorizing their answers. 

4. Take Breaks at Regular Intervals 

Taking a break at regular intervals from studying can increase motivation and prevent burnout. Taking breaks is helpful to give a feeling of gratification after completing your goal.

After rewarding yourself with a short break you can easily return to your study environment. Study breaks give you a sense of control over your schedule.

Also, it allows you to manage your time according to your preference.

Taking a small 20 minutes break will make your exam preparation much easier and you will remain focused for your exams. 

If you need an extra push you can hire our online exam help to reduce your procrastination.

The benefits of taking breaks at regular intervals are as follows:

  • Improve mental health
  • Improves the memory
  • Serves as an energy boost
  • Boosts your performance and creativity

    5. Use Visual Elements

The researchers have proven that it is much easier to retain the visual component compared to text. We all remember what we have caught visually in our memory and for a longer period.

We always remember when teachers use bar graphs and diagrams to explain a particular topic. Visual elements are used to bring some visually appealing materials into simple text. Visual learning has proved to be an important form of learning.

The benefits of using visual elements are as follows:

  • Longer retaining power
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to understand

    6. Go Through Old Question Papers

Practice makes a man perfect, Going through the old test questions certainly helps when it comes to exam preparation. The earlier you start the better, It’s always recommended to complete practice papers from previous years. These papers will help to get used to the format of the exam.

Often students are well prepared and have great topic knowledge. Yet, their exam technique is lacking, which ends up affecting their scores. There are many practice papers available online for students to practice. 

Students can also ask their teachers to provide them with test papers from previous years. The best way for exam preparation is to make sure you complete all the questions within time.

The benefits of going through the previous year’s question papers are as follows:

  • Prepare students for their exams
  • Shows important questions
  • Students get familiar with the exam format

    7. Ask for Help

In case you face trouble in understanding concepts of any topic. We encourage students to seek help. Talk to your mentor, teacher, or your friends to understand the concept better.

Rather than trying to memorize the answers without understanding. Taking the correct guidance from a professional can help you remember the concept for a longer time. 

We at Homework Joy provide the best exam preparation service to the students in need. We give students a chance to choose their mentors around the globe.

The correct guidance from the online experts from Homework Minutes and Homework Joy in the field will help you to achieve your desired goals. The internet is full of resources yet you may not have access to all of them. Opting for online services will help you with important notes and questions to boost your grades.


You must be consistent and follow all the above mentioned tips to make sure you receive your desired grades. However, every student is different from another. There might be a technique that works better for you.

So, explore every possible option and choose your method to prepare for your exams. And, if you need an extra hand, Homework Joy can be your study buddy.

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