How to Write an Academic Essay A Complete Guide

How to Write an Academic Essay: A Complete Guide

During the span of academic life, you have to attempt writing a lot of drafts as a part of the academic curriculum. You have to write a thesis, dissertations, essays, etc. One such important draft to write is that of an academic essay. Since most of the freshmen find this term new, in this guide, we’ll explain it in detail. Here is how to write an academic essay in 5 easy steps. 

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What is Academic Writing? 

Academic writing is associated with academic writing included in the university/school curriculum. The main types that fall within academic writing are essay, research papers, term papers, analysis paper/essay, etc. While writing any of the academic writing paper, the secret lies in planning and writing the ideas in a systematic manner. As a writer, you must follow a one-way path to plan, outline, and write an essay that helps you score A+ grade. 

3 Principles of Academic Writing

Before, you go onto the steps in writing an academic essay, you have to first know the basic principles of academic writing. Here are the three principles that every student must know before writing. 

#1 Clear Purpose

The first principles suggest having a clear purpose for writing an academic essay. To be precise, one must persuade, analyze/synthesize, and inform. Under persuasive writing, your purpose should be to get your readers to adopt your ideas. The analytical purpose must be to investigate causes, examine the effects, etc. Your informative purpose should give readers new information about your topic. 

#2 Audience Engagement 

Before writing your academic essay, determine your target audience. Make them curious and interested in reading your wok by catching their interest with your writing style, give appropriate reasoning, and convince them. 

#3 Adopt Logical Organization

Each academic essay or paper follows a standard organizational pattern that you must adopt in yours too. Get started with writing an effective introduction, followed by a body, and a conclusion. 

Also, make effective use of research and correct APA style. Focus on your writing style and make your writing process interesting. 

Steps to Write an Academic Essay

Now that you know the basic principles to write an academic essay, here are a few steps that 

Revision can follow for writing an A+ grade essay. Keep a checklist to never missout on any point. 

  • Choose a topic
  • Brainstorm
  • Research 
  • Discover your thesis
  • Outline
  • Write
  • Edit
  • Proofread

Think and understand the topic

Your first and foremost priority while writing an academic essay should be thinking and understanding the topic very well because sometimes the best answer to the question lies in itself. For example, the topic is climate change; now first you have to understand the topic that what climate change is and then think about the factors related to the topic such as how it’s a threat and if it is, then what could be the possible solutions of it.

Points To Remember

  • Think, understand, and analyze the topic well.
  • Strength your perspective on the topic by good research

What, Why, and How

Since you have understood the topic and are familiar with the question that you have to address, now grab your what, why, and how from it.

What are the aspects that the topic is demanding?

Why are you writing on it (by providing a facts-based answer in your essay)?

How are you going to address your content in the demanded questions?

Effective Introduction

The introduction is the first thing that your reader is going to read in your essay, so you have to make sure that your introduction should be interesting and catchy enough to hold the attention of your reader. For a good start, you can try introducing the past and then connecting it to the present, or you can also engage your reader by presenting the facts of the state topic.

Now after giving a good start, do mention the main theme of your writing by giving an overview of the factors that one’s is going to come across in the essay.  

Points To Remember

  • Make sure your topic consists of a good start.
  • Should be highlighting the raw idea of your essay.

Informational and Precise Body

The body is the core of your academic essay because it’s the slot where you have to place your what, why, and how of the topic therefore always associate your what, why, and how with the factual data, proper word limit, and well-connected paragraph.  

Points To Remember

  • The body of your essay should contain your what, why, and how.
  • Your arguments to the topic should be factual, example-based, and abide by the proper limit of the paragraphs.
  • Do take care of punctuations, repetition, and formal language.
  • Properly locate the concern aspects of the demanded topic.

Summarized Conclusion

Though your content carries a good start and a proper body, there is still a possibility of the dissatisfaction of the reader because of the poor conclusion. The conclusion is the final step of the content; therefore, you have to make sure that it highlights your summary of the essay with facts and marking a question in the reader’s mind to think about what you have written.

Points To Remember

  • Wrap your content by summarizing important aspects of the write-up.
  • Enhance your ending by connecting it with the start of your topic.
  • Try to end with a call to action. 

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