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The Most Popular Essay Writing Service Websites Today

There are several reasons for you, as a student, to consider using an essay writing website. One reason students decide to hire expert college essay writers online for their tasks is the ongoing sensation of overload, impending deadlines, massive academic burden, and lack of time.

If you don’t have time to create your essay, you most surely don’t have time to look through every website to discover one that is trustworthy and reasonably priced. There are several websites that can assist with this conundrum, but which ones can you actually rely on? 

Here are the top essay writing services to help you make a decision because we completed the research for you.

Best and Most Popular Online Essay Writing Services

1 – Homework Joy 

2 – Homework Minutes 

3 – Complete My Course 

4 – Homework Queen 

5 – SpeedyPaper 

There are undoubtedly more websites that are deserving of your attention. But these are the greatest in their respective fields. All of these businesses employ qualified essay writers to create papers, and they all provide original content every day of the week.

Use any of these essay writing service with confidence knowing that you will receive quality work at a fair price. Brief summaries of each business, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each service, are provided below.

1 – Homework Joy

With over half a million essays producing excellent online ratings, Homework Joy is a well-known online essay writing service. All of the qualified academic writers on this website are real and hold college degrees.

The business provides assistance with a variety of college papers, including essays, book reports, lab reports, and other writing assignments—basically, anything else you can think of that is school-related.

And they can do any format, whether you require it in APA, MLA, or another style. Even writings you have produced yourself can be edited by others.

Although periodically offering discounts and specials, Homework Joy is still reasonably priced. You may shop with confidence on the website because it offers safe payment methods and a loyalty program for frequent visitors. There is also a money-back guarantee and round-the-clock customer service. 


  • A flexible one-stop shop for all of your academic needs
  • Extremely quick and anonymous order process
  • properly crafted, Turnitin-checked papers
  • Exceptional client service

2 – Homework Minutes

This site’s rigorous hiring process is what actually makes it stand out from competitors. You will receive the greatest essay writers available because Homework Minutes recruits managers to conduct thorough background checks on all of their professionals and require them to undergo tests and evaluations.

Homework Minutes offers an essay service with a free plagiarism report, similar to many other websites. If necessary, you can obtain your work back from this place within a few hours. Homework Minutes regularly has coupons available, especially for new customers.

In addition, it provides a lengthy 7-day money-back guarantee for your complete peace of mind. If you’re concerned about a report you need to write for work, this service even offers business writing, so they have you covered!

Additionally, they have a loyalty program, so the more pages you order over time, the higher the discount you’ll receive in the future. Any time of the day, they provide online assistance via live chat if you have any questions.


  • Really seasoned authors who are authorities in their fields of study
  • Your paper is not kept by them in its database.
  • Uncomplicated money-back guarantee

3 – Complete My Course

You may determine your precise cost using the excellent price calculator on the Complete My Course website, which includes tabs for writing, reviewing, and revising. You can check out their writers’ sections to learn more about them and read reviews of them.

This website’s free bonuses, including revisions, outlines, title pages, formatting, and plagiarism reports, are another amazing feature. With costs starting at $11.40 per page, Complete My Course is an entirely legitimate and reasonably priced & best essay writing service

They have around-the-clock support even on holidays. Apart from a stellar essay writer service that covers any topic, Complete My Course also provides editing and proofreading. Even math issues or multiple-choice tests may benefit from their assistance.

They have a minimum deadline of six hours. If your essay isn’t a novel, though, and you talk to customer care about it, they might be open to working with you even if you need it completed sooner.


  • The service enjoys widespread acclaim and media attention.
  • Freedom to pick your paper’s author from a pool of potential writers
  • There are numerous free features that can help you save up to $100.

4 – Homework Queen 

Our fourth choice for college paper writing services is Homework Queen. Students who are short on time and need their papers produced in a few hours frequently use this website. You can order an essay from Homework Queen in one, two, three, or six hours.

Its authors are qualified enough to produce a paper of respectable quality in the smallest amount of time. Naturally, you can’t expect a qualified writer to complete a 10-page research paper for you in under two hours, much less under one.

However, if you have a brief, urgent assignment (such as a two-page essay or movie review) that must be completed in less than an hour, you can unquestionably rely on Homework Queen.

No matter how urgent, complex, or specialized the assignment is, a large staff of academic writers on the website are qualified to do it. 


  • Service that prioritizes speed without sacrificing quality
  • More than 6 years in business, an established and reliable website

5 – SpeedyPaper  

SpeedyPaper is the year’s top essay writing service in our opinion. They typically provide a discount on your paper, and, as many companies do today, you can get an even bigger discount by signing up for emails.

They can offer assistance with a wide range of subjects, including history, ecology, economics, business, and more. They can accomplish the impossible if you have a last-minute emergency because they have a virtual army of freelance writers ready.

You can contact their customer support by phone, chat, or email. In addition to writing papers, they can edit or proofread the work you’ve already completed. The cost will decrease the more time you give them to complete the work.

You may see some of their example essays on their website to get a sense of the caliber of the work you will be receiving.

This is a business you may trust because they have respectable evaluations on their website and throughout the rest of the internet. 


  • Affordable and competent service
  • An incentive scheme that pays you for referring friends
  • Guaranteed delivery on schedule 

Are essay writing services safe?

Yes, to answer simply. But there are certain exceptions, as there are in everything in life. Some websites provide free drafts or outlines, for example. This will provide you with a preview of your essay and allow you to judge the writing skills of the online paper writer.

It’s a pretty wise move to select a website that offers a money-back guarantee. The most reliable essay writing services provide a free plagiarism report. The best and safest course of action is to use a site that does not use plagiarism because plagiarism is a serious offense.

Finding a website that accepts PayPal or offers secured payment methods will safeguard your financial information so that you can be sure it won’t be sold to hackers who might steal your identity. You will be completely safe if you utilize one of the above websites we’ve provided.

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