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APA Research Paper Format | The Complete Guide 

Research paper writing is an essential part of college life that demands a lot of reading and editing with the best writing practices. Now, the research paper that the students have to write ranges from topic to topic. To be precise about the APA research paper format and its writing, there is a strict format to be adhered to. APA stands for the American Psychological Association. Therefore, while writing your APA paper, there are a few parameters that must keep in mind to meet the administration’s standards. 

The APA format refers to the behavioral and social sciences of a thing used by the organizations’ standards and guidelines. While talking about behavioral science, it signifies the study of human and animal behavior that includes subjects including psychology, cognitive science, and Neuroscience.  Whereas, social sciences is a field of study that focuses on the aspects of human behavior, mainly social and cultural relationships. APA is the main form of research paper writing in these fields, other forms include, MLA and Chicago format. This blog includes the APA research paper format and how to write it in brief. 

APA Research Paper Format

While writing an APA research paper, the foremost thing to remember is the importance of giving credit to the source from where you’re citing the information. If you quote the information in your name without giving credits, it will count as plagiarism. So, get started with a clear-view about who you’re quoting. The typical format of an APA research paper is as follows:

A Title age

The title page of an APA research paper includes the main information that includes:

  • The researcher’s name/ institution’s name
  • The class name
  • A distinguished head of the research paper

An abstract

An abstract is a concise summary of the research paper and the findings included in it. This report ensures the researcher that the information in the APA research paper matches its title. So, the only thing to keep in mind while writing an abstract is to summarize the main points of the research paper. Encapsulate the scope of the report in short.

An introduction

Following the APA research paper format, the Introduction is the first page that you’ll come across. This page introduces the research paper topic and clears the hierarchy of research paper’s proceedings. It outlines the main topics that’ll be covered and explains the appropriate study findings that helped in making up of the research paper.  

A literature review

Most scholars consider this component of the APA research paper to be the most typical. It is a comprehensive report on the relatable work of literature on the topic of the APA research paper. So, while writing a literature review, the first thing is to relate the topics, the second step is to analyze the work you’re considering and prepare a concise review.

A findings section

The findings section of the APA research paper contains the main comments of the intellectuals and critics on the comparative study of the literature you’re taking in alongside the topic of your paper. 

A reference list

The implication of the result counts in the reference list. In this part of the APA research paper, there is a list of studies and the source of information from where the author cites. 

An appendix

An appendix includes the extra information, if any, about the aspects of the APA research paper that remain missed or is too large to cite in the main body of the research paper.

Being well aware of the APA research paper format, you should also know how to write one with precision. 

How to Write an APA Research Paper?

An APA research paper must contain the ideal length and significant keywords prescribed by the concerned authorities. 

  • First in the line is the title page. The title page of the APA research paper must include 10-12 words to be precise. The head should be in all capital letters and should have relevance with the main idea of the APA research paper.
  • The abstract of the research paper must not contain more than 120 words, a concise paragraph. In this section, you should include the method and the discussion. 
  • The Introduction should be critically evaluated, summarized, and integrated with the major points of the topic.
  • The method section of the APA research paper should be straightforward to describe the goal of the paper.
  • Apparatus is the main portion of the research paper that includes the main information of the research paper.
  • Results include the descriptive statistics and the main derivation of what you understand out of the hypothesis of the research paper. 
  • Citations comprise the list of names of the authors, the publication date of the source material, etc.

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