Academic Degree VS Professional Degree! Which One Is The Best After 12th Grade

Let’s go a little back in time to when you were in grade 10, remember how tough it was to decide which stream to pick from arts, science and commerce. Now you have to face a challenge even bigger than that. It’s time to take the first step in the real world and decide for yourself what you want to be in future and choose which degree would be the best and will help you in future. We know it sounds frightening but hey! we are here to help you with an academic degree vs a professional degree: which one is the best after the 12th.

Now let’s make something very clear, each degree has its perks and one may tell you many reasons why each degree stands out on its own. We can’t tell you to choose one specific degree but we will tell you the benefits of both and the rest is for you to choose from.

Let’s start by knowing what exactly you mean by professional and academic degrees.

Professional Degree 

A professional degree includes a targeted and particular curriculum that is designed to help you enhance your talents in a certain field of study. A professional degree ensures that you are prepared for a job in a certain industry and have obtained the essential training to get started right away. It’s also known as the first professional degree, which allows you to work in the following fields:

  • Medicine
  • Aviation
  • Engineering
  • Architecture  etc…

Academic Degree 

An academic degree is intended to promote critical thinking and is more focused on the completion of research-oriented assignments in various academic subjects. They are often known as generalist degrees since they are not necessarily developed with any particular job orientation. They do, however, develop a wide skill set that may be used in a variety of industries. The following are some examples of academic degrees:

  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • BBA
  • History etc..

Benefits of a Professional Degree 

1 – Provides Real-World Experience

There is a lot of practical training behind these courses; they prepare students for industrial behaviours and provide you with a descriptive study so that you may become an expert on the subject! These degrees prepare you for the real world, you will already have an understanding of what skills are required in the field.

2 – The Courses Proceed Swiftly

Everyone is competing in today’s day and age. Thanks to a Professional Degree, in which students are nurtured in such a way that they learn how to construct themselves in a fast-paced environment. It allows you to get competence in a fast-paced working environment.

3 – Admission Tests Are Used To Evaluate Admission

In a professional course, there is no biasedness, every student is the same in these courses. They don’t distinguish between the markings. Hence, you have to sit down for an entrance test to require a seat in the best institute.

Benefits of An Academic Degree 

1 – Maintain A Variety Of Career Options

     One of the greatest advantages is that you get more time to identify your skills and maybe change your course or do a different course that will be a bonus to your already existing skills. For example, if your communication and understanding skills are your strong points, then you can pursue B.A(H) in English and then later do psychology or journalism.

2 – Provides A Distance Education Option

     A lot of academic courses offer the option of distance education option or just 2 days of classes a week. This is a perfect situation for those students who may simply want to work while studying or engage in a practical course that will benefit them in the future.

3 – Admission Is Granted On A Merit-Based

Admission to academic degree programmes is usually based on merit. If you scored a decent percentage in your 12-grade check this doubt out of your checklist, most of the courses take admission on a merit basis but with changing times some courses are also introducing entrance exams for their academic degrees. So we will recommend you to do a bit of research before applying for your desired course. You may also do a course along with your degree for example you can take a foreign language course, which will help you boost your cv in the end.

Now we are pretty sure you have understood what provisional degrees and academic degrees are along with all the benefits that both of them have. We hope we have helped you clear the cloud that was formed in your head regarding academic degree vs professional degree: which one is the best after 12th Grade.

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