Case Study 2

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Total Points Possible

This assignment is worth 85 points.

Due Date

Your assignment is due no later than the end of Week 4Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT.


  1. View the assigned Case Study prompt/activity.
  2. Respond to the case study and share
    1. three things you learned;
    2. two things you will use in your practice; and
    3. one thing about which you are concerned or puzzled.
  3. Apply what you have learned using the modular resources and this resource.
  4. The length of the paper is to be no less than 2 and no greater than 4 pages, excluding title page and reference pages.
  5. APA format is required with both a title page and reference page. 

Note: Introduction – Write an introduction to your paper, but do not use “Introduction” as a heading in accordance with the rules put forth in the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association.

Preparing the Response

  1. Prepare time to view the assigned case study. Some of the cases presented have multiple layers of information to review.
  2. Be sure to investigate all links within the case study resource. Once you have completed investigation of the case study material, you will develop the following response to post on the Case Study:
    1. Identify three aspects of the case that you consider new information or that offered deeper context.
    2. Explain two aspects of the case that you can apply in practice now or in the future.
    3. Describe one aspect of the case that you found confusing, created question for further consideration, or which you would like to learn more.
  3. Be sure to consider the modular resources and lessons when developing your response.

Module 4 Case Study:

View the following Ethics Narratives in Humanitarian Aid (ENHA) Case Study Series.

Humanitarian Healthcare Ethics. (2014). ENHA case study series: Coping with outbreaks of disease with limited resources. Retrieved from

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Case Study 2 Case Study 2

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