Tips on How to Make an Essay Longer the Smart Way

Tips on How to Make an Essay Longer the Smart Way

The length of an essay is an essential component if you want to score good marks. Thus many students often get confused about how to make an essay longer. Also, when you follow the instructions given by your professor like the size of the essay, it shows professors that you read everything carefully. So today, we’ll discuss some tips on how to make an essay longer. 

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Learn some easy tips on how to make an essay longer. 

Use Examples

While you are struggling with how to make an essay longer, add more examples to explain the research. Check all the claims that you have added in your essay and include examples for the same. Also, add more ideas that you can explain with examples. 

Add Evidence

For stressing the thought you are trying to convey, add suitable evidence or case studies. Go back through and find the ideas which need to be backed up by evidence. Make sure you have added enough evidence to prove that your claim is accurate. 

Use Transition Phrases 

Adding transition words or phrases is the natural way of increasing your paper’s length. It allows us to jump from one idea to another and binds our story like a web. So try adding more transition words to your essay. For example, “in conclusion,” “likewise,” and so on. 

Try Reverse Outlining

After completing the writing, reread it and create an outline about what you have written. Check the organization of your pages and add more words to organize your essay. It will help you to see areas which need more work.

Break Content into Short Paragraphs

If you have added more than one idea in a paragraph, then break it into two. It will also increase the readability of your essay and make it look neat. Also, in this way, your essay will make more sense to your readers and helps you to avoid plagiarism.

Add Quotations

Feel free to add quotations. It is the easiest trick to increase the length of your essay. Make sure you add quotes from experts who have researched your niche. Also, use the formatting of quotations correctly. 

Support Your Conclusion 

Make sure to answer all questions that you have started with. Otherwise, your conclusion will become vague. Go through your paper. Check the structure of every paragraph and edit them well. 

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