Tips for Group Discussion

Tips for Group Discussion

Group discussion is a sort of hiring technique used by most organizations to hire a candidate required for the job. It involves 10-15 persons discussing a specific topic. Firstly, the topic is introduced, and a later preparation time of 3-5 minutes is given to prepare on a topic. Group discussion is a tool in the hands of the company as it saves time for an employer, and knowledge of all candidates is being tested. 

Importance of Group Discussion 

Group discussion is essential as it saves time and tests the skills of the candidate or an individual. Some of the objectives of group discussion are as follows:

  • Tests the knowledge of the individual
  • To assess the communication skills of the individual
  • To determine the spontaneity and creativity
  • To judge whether you are fit for the company

Tips for Group Discussion

Some of the tips to prepare for the group discussion are:

Avoid cutting others

It is essential that while you display your opinion, allow others also to speak. Speaking is necessary for group discussions, but being a patient listen is also necessary. It is so that all the candidates can put forward their points.

Be clear in your opinion

Group discussion involves being clear in your idea and understandable to others. One has to be transparent regarding in their opinion so that to be reasonable to others. 

Use examples

Using examples would lead to a clear understanding of what you are trying to say. It will also help to impress the seniors as examples make things easy to understand. 

Know all facts

It is essential that you are aware of all the facts and knows the topic being discussed. Without a proper understanding of the subject, you will only appear dumb before others. Speaking without knowledge is a big no!

Body language

Having correct posture and making eye contact with the speaker is an essential tip for group discussion. As we have widely heard that the first impression is the last. 

Be confident on your point

Even if the person has kept a similar position, keep adding the right points to it. Do not get disappointed also if your point is already put forward by another person. Be confident on your point

Bring something on the table

 Don’t be silent and try to put your point, whether for or against the topic of discussion. Being silent would make you lose all the points

Stay updated

 One must keep updating their knowledge and information to bring a valid point on the table.