Renewable-and-Non-renewable-Resources With Examples

Renewable and Non-renewable Resources With Examples

In everything that sees around, there lies energy. The category of energy has been done into two main categories, including renewable and non-renewable resources. These two kinds of resources are natural things that people use from the earth. To understand the terms better, here are renewable and non-renewable resources with examples. 

Renewable Resources with Examples

Renewable resources are the form of energy that replenishes itself time and again. That is, there can be a shortage of these resources, but they don’t vanish forever. 

  • Generally, they are producing clean energy 
  • Less pollution and greenhouse gas emission to the environment
  • Examples include biomass energy, geothermal energy, hydropower, wind energy, solar energy
  • Scientists are still searching for the right method of using abundant renewable resources include solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and geothermal energy

Examples of Renewable Resources

Solar Energy

The sun is the primary Source of solar energy. This energy can be restored in equipment like solar panels that can help convert solar energy into electrical energy to be used for later purposes, in the absence of light. One can cook food in solar cookers, heat water with it, and pump the water for irrigating fields. 

Hydro Energy

Water is the primary Source of hydro energy. It can be put to use for different tasks like cleaning, drinking, and cooking food. The storage of hydro energy takes place in a dam, which converts into electrical energy thereupon. 

Wind Energy

The winds that constantly wave on the earth’s surface are responsible for the wind energy. This energy is useful in grinding grain, pumping water, etc. 


Biogas is a mixture of methane, Carbon-dioxide, and Hydrogen. The decomposition of plants and animal waste like animal dung gives rise to biogas in the presence of microorganisms and water. One of the uses of biogas is as a fuel in the gas stoves in the rural areas. 

Non-renewable Resources with Examples

Non-renewable resources are natural things that don’t renew with the speed at which they are consumed.

  • They are finite resources
  • Humans extract these resources for further benefit
  • They take billions of years to get replenished
  • Example include fossil fuels, crude oil, natural gases
  • These resources have economic value and can be used commercially
  • The non-renewable Source of energy includes coal, nuclear, oil, and natural gas

Examples of Non-renewable Resources

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are non-renewable resources found deep inside the earth’s surface, as a result of the natural processes that take place as long as millions of years. The mail fossil fuels include:-


Use tas fuel to generate electricity in steam engines and factories.

Natural Gas

Use in the form of fuel like compressed natural gas to run vehicles like autorickshaws. 


They were used as mineral oil or crude oil to make fuels such as petrol, diesel, cooking gas, etc.

Nuclear Energy

The Source of nuclear energy is Uranium, which doesn’t affect the environment, so it is safe to use. 

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