Importance of Extracurricular Activities in Academics Infographics

Importance of Extracurricular Activities in Academics

Extra-curricular activities refer to the operations performed outside regular classrooms. Extra-curricular activity is a combination of two words. “Extra” means “besides” and “curriculum” refers to the “running career.” Thus, extracurricular means all the activities outside the course.

Co-curricular activities take place along with curricular activities. These activities take place outside the classrooms, including pen and paper. They also provide students to furnish their skills along with academics.  Being right in both academics and extra-curricular activities help students in facing the world.

Importance of extracurricular activities

Co-curricular activities offer students to develop their skills in the non-academic field. Students nowadays have performance pressure to perform well in school and score good grades. In such a case, extra-curricular activities become essential. Without it, students become dull and inefficient.  The importance of extra-curricular activities cannot be neglected. Its benefits are:

1.  Development of new skills

Extracurricular activities help students to discover their inner talents and develop new skills. Co-curricular activities are not a medium of fun but also leads to developing skills. It includes public speaking, language skills, creativity, imagination, etc.

2.  Create opportunities

The importance of extra- curricular activities come into play while taking admission in colleges and schools. It provides an opportunity for students to make a profession out of their talent. Not all students are high achievers in academics. Being good at curricular activities provides students to discover their interests. There are lots of fields in curricular activities for students to excel.

3.  Variety of activities

Extra-curricular activities comprise of a range of activities. A student can pick the field of music if they are good at singing or instruments. Or they can want art if their imagination and creativity are excellent. There are ample amount of curricular fields for students.

Parents should understand the importance of extra-curricular activities in a student’s life. They should encourage their children to take part in curricular activities. The exposure these activities offer cannot be provided through theoretical knowledge.

4.  Improves physical health

Activities allow students with improved physical fitness. A human body requires daily exercise to remain healthy.

5.  Improves mental health

Mental health is most important with the increasing awareness of depression and anxiety amongst students. The mind should be kept far from negative thoughts. These activities become essential to indulge in fields of interest.

6.  Moral values

Activities are a medium to interact with peers and know about their background and religion. It involves a student to sensitize towards peers and respect each other irrespective of caste, creed, background, etc

7.  Individual difference

Each child is different from one another. A child interested in music might not be interested in sports. School provides a variety of activities to cater to the needs and interests of all students.

8.  Teamwork

Extracurricular activities provide students with such a situation where they have to work in teams. It is because it improves teamwork skills in students and teaches the value of cooperation.