How To Be Productive During Quarantine

How To Be Productive During Quarantine

Due to the uncontrollable rate of people getting affected by the COVID-19 virus, the Governments of the countries around the world imposed lockdown. During the lockdown, the government has put restrictions on the free movement of citizens of the country. This restrictive period has put everyone around the world in a phase of Self-quarantine. While in quarantine, one has to avoid contact with the outer world by staying at home and living in complete isolation. COVID-19 is a communicable disease that spreads from person to person. So, anyone who is in quarantine can upskill themselves by adopting new habits. Here are some ways to be productive during the quarantine. 

Follow the 3 C’s 

A futurist and business strategist Jennifer Kem, recommends following the 3 C’s including:

  • Connection: Make use of social media, call, and video calling to stay connected with your near and dear ones. 
  • Community: Write and share motivating articles that can help your community gain positivity in this tense situation.
  • Creativity: Gain a new skill to update your creative self and gain momentum in your career.

Prioritize your Mental and Emotional Health 

You can be more productive when you’re healthy, inside-out. During quarantine, make self-care your top priority. Exercise, eat healthily and sleep well to get the best of this isolation for yourself. If you wreck your sleep cycle by getting in bed at two and jumping out of it at 1, your body’s functionality will get confused, and it won’t work with its full potential. To be productive during quarantine, you have to compulsorily sit back and work on your health. Develop a high EQ by understanding the logic behind human psychology, relationships, etc. There are multiple books, videos, and podcasts on the same that can help you in meeting the purpose.

Make a Routine

Doing it a day and not the other won’t help you in any way. Get the skill you want to develop in your daily routine and practice it as much. Consistency is the key element to be productive during quarantine and in the development of any skill that you want to carry forward in the long run. Make a routine for yourself and make it a point that you follow it no matter what. To stick to it, make rewards for yourself for the right completion and punishment for missing out on it.  

Work Smart Not Hard

By working smart, you get an edge over things by developing multiple skills within a short duration of time. Smart work makes your mind receptive to learn. The precise meaning of smart work includes learning how to do a presentation in the shortest possible time without the involvement of high and expensive resources. For example, there are multiple ways to do a certain thing, but the quickest and the smartest is one that saves both time and money. Since you’re in quarantine, it is an ideal time to make mistakes while trying the various hit and try methods to learn smart work.