How Many Types of Computer Viruses Are There

How Many Types of Computer Viruses Are There? 

If you want to succeed in the digital sector, then the most knowing about viruses is the essential thing. Not only for professional purposes but also for your personal use. There are seven types of computer viruses that can affect your computer. But before knowing them, have a look at some of our new posts:

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So let’s move towards different types of computer viruses.

Boot Sector Virus

Most dangerous viruses as they affect master boot record. They are difficult to remove, thus require a full system format. Once the virus loaded, it affects the floppy disks when accessed. So now what can you do about it? Get a quick antivirus scan if the virus isn’t removed due to encryption, format the hardware. 


A type of software that could harm the whole computer system by interfering or gathering users’ data. Different types of computer viruses like trojan horses, worms, and spyware are its parts. They can do a lot more than damaging your computer. The programs can steal, encrypt, and delete sensitive data. Thus they generally use to hijack core computing functions or in simple words hacking. 

Trojan Horse

It is a type of malware that uses malicious code to create back doors for the theft of data. These are generally used by hackers or cyber-thieves to gain access to the users’ system. But unlike worms, they are not self-replicable. They have various classifications based on actions they perform on your computer like Backdoor, Exploit, Rootkit, and Trojan-Banker.  


These types of computer viruses replicate themselves to spread to other computers. These generally rely on security flaws. The main aim of worm viruses is to overload the system, server, or networks to the extent that they stop responding.  


Spyware is a software that gathers information of the user or the organization without their knowledge. They track your login details and passwords generally spy on your sensitive information. According to Norton Cyber Security, in 2017, around 900 people in 20 countries were affected by cybercrime

Direct Action Viruses

This type of virus remains hidden on the computer.  That is why, considered a non-resident. But it can easily be removed through antivirus. It is a type of file infector virus that works by attaching itself to the .exe or .com files.

Multipartite Virus

The virus may spread in multiple ways. It is a fast-moving virus that simultaneously infects both the boot sector and executable files. Without a specialist or quality anti-malware program, it is difficult to remove this virus. 

You must know these viruses in the 21st century, where computers are so advanced. So these were different types of computer viruses that are common. If you need more assignment help related to similar topics, get instant assignment help from our experts.