Action Speaks Louder Than Word

Action Speaks Louder Than Words | Essay Tips With Examples

You might have noticed people blabbering about their work, but in reality, doing nothing. Thus there is a need to make people aware of action speaks louder than words. 

This statement motivates people to do activities instead of talking. Working with determination is the only thing that can bring smoothness in our life. Thus it is the emerging topic among students. So today, we’ll tell you how to write a creative essay on actions that speak louder than words. 

To understand it better look at the following example:

Rosa Parks was traveling into a train where she refused to give her seat to a white passenger. Before this incident, she was just a regular girl like us. It was her action against discrimination that made her extraordinary. She did not give a rhetorical speech about discrimination. She proved it through the deeds. 

Thus say it loud; your actions should support your speech. 

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Tips to Write an Essay on Action Speaks Louder Than Words

People nowadays lack in action. So there is a need to stress the statement that action speaks louder than words. So follow the tips mentioned below to write an essay on action speaks louder than words: 

  • Write about Famous Personalities – for example, Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and so on. Mention what these famous personalities have achieved in their life. Talk about their extraordinary qualities and how they turned their voice into actions. 
  • Write about your achievements and how you achieved them. Mention steps you have taken to achieve your goals in life. Take this essay as the power to motivate others. 
  • Discuss how dreams are worth taking action. You can tell your readers how our ideas need us to do activities. You have to make several sacrifices to achieve your goals. 
  • Motivate others to achieve their dreams through actions as actions are the basis for a successful life. Thus in a way, your happiness depends on your actions. 
  • Stress the importance of practice over theory. As there is a saying, “practice makes a man perfect”; this simply means you have to do actions to be perfect. 
  • Talk about the conscience of great personalities and why they avoid talking about their plan and deeds. Do you know? Great personalities always try to execute a plan successfully. 

So these were some essential tips for writing a creative essay on action speaks louder than words. If you need more help, you can directly avail of our English assignment help services.