What are the types of Electricity

What are the Types of Electricity?

Electricity and its various types are some of the most exquisite inventions by humankind. Electricity is the flow of electric charge in one direction. It is an essential part of human life and people use Electricity for operating appliances. 

There are four types of Electricity in total, Static Electricity, Current Electricity, Solar Electricity, and Hydroelectricity.

Static Electricity 

Static Electricity is generated when an equal number of protons and electrons come in contact with each other. When Electricity gathers in one place, it is known as static Electricity. When a balloon is rubbed against your pullover for 20-30 minutes, it will stick to your pullover because the pullover gains an opposite electric charge. 

Current Electricity

Current Electricity refers to the flow of electric charge through conductors to the electric field. Conductors are of two types: Good conductors and Bad conductors. Electrons carry electrical energy from one place to another. It is known as the current Electricity. Electric current is involved in various appliances like heater, television, air conditioner, etc.


This type of Electricity is generated using the power of moving water. Water is a renewable resource of energy and a great conductor of Electricity. It is the most commonly used form of Electricity. China is the largest producer of hydroelectricity. The studies show that 71% of the electricity generated on the earth is from hydropower. 

Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity generated using the powerful rays of the sun. It is made using photovoltaic(PV) technology by converting solar energy into solar Electricity. Solar Electricity is one of the fastest-growing sources of power, according to a 2017 report. Many cells make up a solar panel. 

Therefore, one needs to save electricity and switch electrical appliances when not in use. If the entire community uses energy-efficient appliances, then electricity will be saved for future generations.

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