Types of graphic design

Types of Graphic Design

Graphic design refers to using visual composition to communicate ideas through images, color, and typography. There’s no one way to do this but several ways. This is why there are different types of graphic design. Each graphic design requires specialization and a specific set of skills. Since the industry is continuously changing, designers must keep on adapting new things. One needs to understand the types of graphic design to find the right skills for the job.

Visual identity graphic design

It refers to represent the face of a brand. The visual identity graphic design communicates the qualities of intangible things through images, shapes, and colors. The graphic designers create logos, typographies, color palettes that represents a brand’s personality.

Marketing and advertising graphic design

The designs created for marketing and advertising refer to this type. The visual content tends to be more engaging, which helps to promote the organization or company using graphic design. The designers create postcards, flyers, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, magazines, and banners for marketing and advertising a brand or a company.

User interface graphic design

The user interface design includes designing an interface to provide a user-friendly experience to people. UI means how a user interacts with a device. Web page design, game interfaces, app design, is what a UI designer does.

Publication graphic design

The publication includes books, magazines, and catalogs. The graphic designers working in this field specialize in publication work. All the publication work comes under the publication graphic designer. 

Packaging graphic design

The packaging is usually done to the products that are prone to damage. They are protected and prepared to store and sell. The packaging design is to make an attractive design to attract consumers to the product. Its box tells the story of a product, bottle, can, etc.

Motion graphic design

Motion graphics include everything made for television, movies, videos, etc. It refers to the graphics that are in motion. The examples of motion graphic design include banners, websites, GIFs, video games, animated logos, tutorial videos, etc.

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